Zuii Organic Review

Zuii Organic Review

If you’re a regular reader of my site, you know that it’s very rare that I find a new makeup that I want to absolutely RAVE about! I have tried a lot of organic, mineral-based cosmetics with varied results. Nothing I wanted to run back to my blog and say “whoa” you have to check this out! I want to start by saying that this is not one of those sneaky paid reviews. Of course, anyone that wants to throw a couple bucks my way, just let me know 😉

My fantastic find is an Australian cosmetic line called Zuii Organic. Their tagline is “Wear Flowers on Your Face”—most of their products are floral based. Ummm, who doesn’t want to wear flowers on their face, as opposed to harmful chemicals. Get this, the lipstick even smells floral and wears like a dream. The line is vegan, no parabens, no talc, no GM ingredients and cruelty-free. I love it when cosmetics go all out and give us a product that we can feel good about—both for buying it and when wearing it. Zuii is totally based on organic floral ingredients, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. No clogged pores, no chemicals, no tortured animals, and have I mentioned the wearing flowers on your face yet?

Their anti-aging foundation made from organic floral powders (rose buds, chamomile flowers, and jasmine flowers—all organic) is high in vitamin C, which actually repairs your damaged skin while you wear it. Plus it acts as a moisture barrier and it wears so much better than most foundations. It goes on satiny smooth, not chalky like a lot of other mineral-based foundations. I wish they a greater variety of foundation shades but I found a great match. Oh yeah, it’s also water-proof!

I wear the shade “grapefruit” from their blush line. It looks quite dark but goes on quite natural and flushed! It’s also made out of rose buds, jasmine buds, and chamomile flowers. It wears well with or without foundation for a nice glow.

They have a full range of eye shadows but my favorite is rich gold. It doesn’t crease and lasts all day. I’m telling you, this cosmetic line is wonderful. It works like perfect makeup should, cutting down on the need for touch-ups.

Now being a girl with natural very full lips I have to stick to nude shades. If you’re in my naturally luscious position, you know how hard it is to find nice nudes, especially ones that aren’t plumping and matte. I love Zuii’s in nude and natural. In fact, tomorrow I think I’m going to treat myself to another shade called pink flesh. These sticks are filled with jojoba and sunflower, plus they’re rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, calcium, and vitamin B 1, 2, and 6. Very long wearing too. I haven’t even had a chance to try their lip tints, full lips, and high gloss, but I bet they’re fabulous. I can’t wait to get my hands on them over time.

Last but not least, is their mascara. It comes in brown, lapis, granite, and emerald and is infused with organic nettle and horsetail to sooth and regenerate your lashes, as well as vitamin D and E. Love it! Just remember to powder underneath your eyes though or it can run.

I have to give this line the full 8 candies. Okay, I just came up with the candy rating system. It’s out of 8. Zuii cosmetics make me feel like I discovered a late Christmas present.

Try it. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Did I mention the part about wearing flowers on your face????

<3 Nicole

4 thoughts on “Zuii Organic Review

  1. I’ve always believed that anything you put on your skin should be safe for you to ingest. This (makeup) sounds absolutely wonderful…Where is their site? I’m going to do a Google search right now!

    1. I totally agree, skincare should be food grade! I was so excited when I discovered it and even more so when it wore so well. It is just zuiiorganic.com.

      <3 Nicole

  2. Not all Zuii products are vegan-friendly. They use beeswax & carmine (bright-red colour from insect) in some of their productS. I have got their vegan-friendly list. After comparison I got the following:

    – All Diamond Sparkle Blush, Lip Tint, Lipstick & Mascara are NOT vegan-friendly; &

    – 1 out of 5 of Blush is vegan-friendly

    – 7 out 10 of Foundation is vegan-friendly

    – 24 out of 30 Eye Shadow is vegan-friendly

    – 7 out of 9 Liquid Foundation is vegan-friendly

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