What Are The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

what are the benefits of green tea

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

I love green tea!  Often touting to friends they need to drink it I bet someone you know has done the same thing.  You probably nod your head and even head to the store to buy some green tea without a clue why its good for you and what kind to buy.  Indeed, green tea has lots of health and beauty benefits to offer. Some of them are backed up with scientific research. Others have been proven throughout the centuries of its use in Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine.

Here are several interesting facts about green tea:

  • Green tea is made out of the leaves of Camellia sinesis. 
  • The same plant is used to make black, white and oolong teas.
  • All green tea types are made out of the same plant.
  • Tea leafs’ processing makes the only difference between green tea and other types of teas.
  • The antioxidants found in green tea are called catechins
  • Green tea has been known and used in Chinese culture and medicine for over 4000 years

So, how is green tea different from other types of teas and why is it so beneficial for your health and beauty? The answer to this question lies in the processing of green tea. It does not undergo as much fermentation, as some of the other types of teas do. The fermentation is usually done by exposing tea leaves to the sun or by heating them up.  Such heat processing destroys a part of antioxidants and other nutrients in tea.

Green tea preserves the natural color of the camellia sinesis leaves and most of the antioxidants, contained in them. You already know all about the benefits of antioxidants, if you take good care of your health and beauty,. They fight the assault of free radicals on your cells. They bind them and make them incapable to cause any harm to your body. That is how green tea prevents or even treats some types of cancer.

Here is what green tea can help you with, in means of your health and looks:

  • It keeps down the level of bad cholesterol in your blood;
  • Significantly lowers your chances of dying from heart diseases;
  • Improves the work of your immune system and helps you to get over colds and flu faster;
  • Helps  to burn more fat and shed pounds easier;
  • Keeps your teeth healthy;
  • Helps to get rid of allergies;
  • Helps to fight multiple sclerosis
  • Keeps your skin healthy and fresh
  • Slows down aging processes in your body

Many scientists believe free radicals are responsible for the aging process in our body and skin. If you supply yourself with a sufficient dose of antioxidants, you naturally slow down your aging and preserve a younger and fresher look. So, as you may see, green tea has indeed many health and beauty benefits to offer.

There are many different kinds of green tea. They all are made out of the same plant and generally they have similar taste and health benefits to offer. Still, there is some difference found between those types of teas. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Types of green tea:

  • Brewing tea – Sencha
    This tea contains all sorts of tea leaves and even young tea sprigs. It has a more of less mild taste and has to be brewed for a longer time before drinking it.
  • Japanese green tea – Matcha
    This is a powdered type of green tea. The plants for it are grown mostly in the shade to prevent any fermentation of the leaves. This tea has a very strong flavor.
  • Sweeter tea – Kabusecha
    This green tea has a sweet taste to it. The plants are grown in the shade and the tea is extremely rich with antioxidants
  • The greenest green tea – Gyokuro
    This type of green tea is always growing in the shade is has a saturated green color. This tea is one of the most expensive types of green tea.
  • A tea mix – Genmaicha
    This is not a pure green tea, as it contains some tea leaves mixed with roasted rice. It has a peculiar and mild taste to offer.
  • Low caffeine tea – Bancha
    This tea has a  pretty mild taste to offer and is made out of mature tea leaves.
  • Mouth freshening tea – Koncha
    It has a middle strength taste to offer and it cleanses your mouth well to renew your taste buds and get them ready for new culinary experiences.
  • Black color green tea – Hojicha
    To make Hojicha tea the leaves of unfermented green tea get roasted for a few minutes.
  • Stem tea – Kukicha
    This tea has a mild taste and is made mostly out of tea plant stems.

Now, all of the green types can be used both as your diet supplements and as part of your beauty regime. One great way to use green tea for your skin health is to make ice cubes of it. Here is what you do: brew up some green tea, let it cool a bit and pour it into your ice cubes’ form. Set it into your fridge. Once the cubes are ready, you can use them for your daily facial skin hygiene. You can wipe your face with these cubes every morning or you may use after face steaming to help the pores shrink back to normal. Green tea topical revives your skin, supplies it with antioxidants, kills germs and keeps away acne. It also tones the skin up.

Cheers to the health & beauty benefits of green tea!



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