Turmeric Will Make You Glow!

Tumeric Benefits


Turmeric is actually a root and part of the ginger family!  It is widely known in Indian cooking and used in Ayurvedic healing!

Turmeric contains a flavonoid called Curcumin known for being an anti-inflammatory antioxidant.

Turmeric is a top notch blood purifier which is very important for clear, healthy skin!  This root will keep your skin soft, smooth and radiant.  It activates the liver, boosts red-blood cell formation, stops red-blood cells from clumping and stimulates circulation.  Did you know that this will actually enhance your energy and correct problems with your metabolism?!

Turmeric not only brings great color to curries but to your skin!  It is also a skin plumper, perfect for all skin types but especially dry.

What do do with Turmeric?  You can grate it into salads, curries, smoothies, salad dressing…  I like to juice turmeric or just eat it.  If you can’t find fresh it is fine to use organic powdered turmeric.




2 thoughts on “Turmeric Will Make You Glow!

  1. Very cool! I’ve actually heard of adding it to face masks as well. I love the taste of it, so this makes me happy! I will have to eat more! ;o)

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Me too! Yes it is a great in a face mask , better juiced or powdered and added than grated for better absoroption. You can also make your turmeric face oil with about 30 grams powdered turmeric to half a pint of oil like sesame, argan, or hemp oil. Let it sit for about 12 days and strain through a cheesecloth, voila!

      Nicole <3

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