Traditional Honey-Cucumber Facial

At Home Facial Recipe

The principle ingredients of this facial – honey, lime and cucumber – enjoy an age-old reputation as skin healers, softeners and moisturizers.  Used in conjunction with each other, these three natural ingredients reduce the discomforts of skin irritations and stem infection while promoting new cell growth.

This simple and sensual facial, leaves your skin feeling soft and plump and your mind questioning the need for progress in the beauty industry.  Who needs electric steamers, electro-magnetic currents, alpha-hydroxy creams for wrinkle reduction and ultimately cosmetic surgery, when nature can be so gentle on the skin and so much kinder on the complexion?  Scientific intervention is part of the skincare regimen of the past.

Honey-Cucumber Facial Recipe

1 cup clear honey

10 drops fresh lime juice

1 medium cucumber, thinly sliced

1. Cleanse your face with warm water

2. Mix the honey and lime juice together and massage into your face for 15 minutes.  The sticky-turned-slippery sensation is sublime.  The lime peels away surface cells and the honey softens the skin.

3. Wipe away the residue of honey with a wet, warm cloth.  Pat dry.

4. Neatly place the cucumber patches over your face and neck (covering eyes and mouth is optional) for 15 minutles.  The feel cool while they tighten the skin and replenish moisture.

5. Finishing with a delicate natural, organic moisturizer is optional but not necessary.

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