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Thalgo Tea

Oh boy, it was one of THOSE days from the moment I rolled out of bed this morning! You know, the kind of day where you feel like a roll of Pilsbury dough that has just burst open and is oozing through the packaging. Yes, I feel fat, bloated, and oh so not attractive. Yuck. I can blame PMS and, honestly, for the last few days I have had more than my fair share of coconut flour cookies which doesn’t help the matter. Good cookies, not-so-great post-cookie gorging feeling.

As I was heading home from the gym, I knew I needed a way to turn this yucky feeling around fast. Otherwise it becomes a lazy incentive to just plop on the couch. Where do I turn? Eternal Skincare, of course! I knew they’d have something natural and amazing that would help me beat that bloat and feel human again.

Have you ever tried any of the products or supplements from Thalgo? If you haven’t, you must! I first discovered this line in Manchester, England. I was staying at the Marriot Airport Hotel and Spa. I’d just finished my workout and browsed through the spa display case as I headed back to my room. They had all kinds of supplements I had never seen before, dealing with everything from weight loss to anti-aging. You know how I feel about trying new products. There was no holding me back! I asked the spa clerk if I could have one of each. An expensive experiment but I had to try them, especially since these products were not available in Canada yet. It was there that I discovered Thalgo Les Infus Oceanes Tea, draining infusion. This line is based around algae and it was exactly what I needed to get going again.

It also has cherry stalk, renowned for its draining effect. It’s effects are reinforced by an original marine cocktail of 3 types of algae and a coastal plant! This infusion will help you regain that pre-bloat, pre-cookie binge slender silhouette.

Here’s a full list of the ingredients for you:  cherry stalk, natural licorqe, flowering top of meadowsweet, fucus vesiculosus, black currant leaf, hibuscus, fennel seed, natural berry flavor, chondrus crispus, ascophyllum nodosum, and sea fennel. What the ingredients list doesn’t mention is that it tastes pretty darn good, too.

Give it a try, it works. Having a cup right now as I eye the leftover cookies…

Nicole <3

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