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Tata Harper Skincare Should You Try It?Tata Harper Review

Hand up if you know who Tate Harper is! The Tata Harper Skincare product line is synonymous with quality and the best you can get in “active” organic skincare.  If you are an organic skincare junkie you know Tata Harper. I was bummed out that I missed her recent visit to Vancouver but then I discovered the good news! Now you can buy her products right here in Vancouver. I used to order them online from the States and wait and wait. Ugh! When I want it, I want it now! And now, I can have it by just heading to the right store. That’s great news for everyone in the city.

If you haven’t heard of Tata Harper, let me fill you in on the secret. She does no animal testing of any kind and all her products are toxin-free—high fives all around! Do you really want to put anything on your face that has been rubbed in a poor rabbit’s eye or worse? Thanks, Tata. Speaking of Tata, let me tell you she is absolutely, fabulously brilliant and here’s why:

She actually grows a lot of the plants used to make the skincare line, how awesome is that? Tata Harper is headquartered on a 1,200 acre farm on Vermont, in the heart of organic farming. Her mission, as I see it, is to empower women with a skincare line that is sourced with some of the best and most natural ingredients in the world. Ingredients that they don’t produce on the farm, are sourced from trusted sources worldwide. She has literally jumped on planes to go check each and every ingredient herself! How is that for dedication? I’d like to think, if I started a skincare line, that I’d pour the same amount of energy and care into every detail.

Tata wanted to make a bold change in the skincare market. She wanted to offer people a real choice so they could stop buying products that are similar but with different labels—each filled with toxins that never give you the promised results. She was intent on researching, creating, and producing a skincare line that was natural, non-toxic, and actually gave you noticeable results. Tata is a trained engineer and I’m sure that gave her an extra edge in formulating recipes that actually work on your skin.

Long before I tried any of her products, I’d read review after review, blog after blog, about how wonderful these products were. I was skeptical. Just like you, I am always wary of reviews, especially on blogs. I’m always worried they are paid to say that (just so you know, this is not a paid review. lol). Could there really be that many happy customers? After trying her products, I became a believer, too! Yes, my bathroom is FILLED with organic skincare. I like a lot of the products I already use but I find some of them make my skin soft but don’t absorb properly and others just aren’t active/strong enough. Then I have to throw them in my trusty old bag of back-ups, for the days when I’m out of my favorites but need something quick. Tate Harper’s stuff won’t be disappearing into that bag because they really produce results.

The two products I never believed in splurging on are cleanser and toner.  The first time I bought Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser, it wasn’t marked with a price. I brought it up to the cash register and it rang up at $75—ack! Sticker shock! But it was too late because my heart was set on it and I couldn’t it put it back. I’m glad I didn’t because the 125 ml size lasts for a very long time. You just need an amount slightly larger that a dime to get your skin silky, smooth, and clean. It also gently exfoliates. It’s filled with natural ingredients like willow bark for exfoliation and cell renewal; stimulating aloe which helps repair and hydrate skin; and pink clay to clean and minimize your pores. Plus, there are no harsh chemicals or detergents to irritate or dry out your skin. Worth every penny!

I also like her skin multi-vitamin, Replenishing Nutrient oil (about $45). No, this doesn’t make your skin oily. This helps keep your skin glowing radiant, reverses phyto-aging, and helps curb the aging process. It has 17 active ingredients, yes 17!! An amazing combination of ingredients like Alfalfa extract filled with vitamins A, C, D, and E to help fight environmental damage; Rose Geranium for improved skin tone; Calendula to repair damage and hydrate; and Jojoba and Borage oil for moisture, anti-aging, and skin radiance!

I can’t wait to try more of her products!! Next on my list is her Resurfacing Mask! Has anyone out there already tried it? It’s on the list for this week. I’ll let you know if I like it.

What you tried?  Did you like it?

Nicole <3


8 thoughts on “Tata Harper Review

  1. Thanks for the great review! Glad you especially loved the Replenishing Nutrient Complex, a favorite at the farm! xo

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for stopping by to read it, truly lovely products! The Tata Harper skincare line so far has really impressed me!

      Nicole <3

  2. Judging by the price, while I appreciate how costly it might be to produce, it still seems sad that only well heeled people get to use safe non-toxic products. You can say “you can’t put a price on health” but unfortunately, while obviously true, the reality for a lot of people is it is simply unaffordable. I feel sorry for the masses who can’t even entertain the choice of “good for you”.

    1. Hi Linda,

      I totally understand what it is like to be on a budget! I also include on my blog, products like 100% Pure that are more cost effective and diy recipes for cleansers you can make at home that are safe, animal friendly and non-toxic. Thank you for your input!
      Nicole <3

  3. Love Tata’s line. I have used the resurfacing mask and love it. I also really really like the aromatic treatments and you are totally right about the cleanser – its AMAZING. Great post!

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Thank you for feedback on the post and resurfacing mask, it is on the “I Want” list for sure.
      Nicole <3

    1. Hi Fiona,

      I have only a sample of their eye cream but I did like it. It was very lush and moisturizing.

      <3 Nicole

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