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Bhringaraj and Kapikacchu

Bhringaraj and Kapikacchu

Herbs for Beauty, I think …

Yes, I know. You’re probably wondering what the heck are those? I love to try new things so when I see a vitamin or herb I don’t recognize, I automatically add to my cart. Sometimes it works out great, sometimes not so much.

About a month ago, I was at one of my favorite health food stores when I noticed Kapikacchu. The package describes it as a “biodynamic certified organic rejuvenating herbal tonic”. Sounds good, right? Who doesn’t want to be rejuvenated? So I bring it up to the counter and the cashier looks at me funny as he rings it through but doesn’t say anything. I’m just standing there grinning like an idiot because I’m all excited to bring my new herb home, research it, and try it. I even told him I can’t wait to try it (you just know this story isn’t going where I thought it was). I get home, Google it, and discover that Kapikacchu is mainly usually used to increase sperm count—oops! It does have other benefits as a nerve tonic and helps to prevent male and female sterility. It also really increases testosterone levels. Ummm, I think I’ll skip this one!

On the other hand, I hit the jackpot today at Whole Foods. I found Bhringaraj. The package called it one of nature’s most nutritious foods and it’s raw & organic. I pick it up and I’m getting super stoked! I flipped the package over and read that it’s an Ayurvedic herb (that means “ruler of the hair”). I have hair, I like hair, I’m always looking for news ways to improve my hair—this could be good! I Googled it after getting home and BAM! Not only it is good for hair, it has a lots of other beautifying benefits.

Bhringaraj helps give your hair more sheen, thickness, helps it grow and prevents graying.  It can also help prevent balding. Bhringaraj also helps with skin tone and it aids the liver and kidneys. I love finding all-natural beauty treatments that go the extra mile helping the rest of my body. You can use this powder topically as well—just add oil and rub it right into your scalp for a hair treatment. Another topical benefit is easing headache pain.

It is used commonly in Ayurvedic medicine as an anti-aging tonic.

A 200 gram bag is only $10.99 at Whole Foods. Give a try! I took my first dose tonight.  It is very bitter, take this powder alone because it will ruin anything you put it in!