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Cure Dark Circles Under Eyes With Vitamin K?

Cure Dark Circles Under EyesVitamin K Benefits & Sources

Vitamin K moved from obscurity to become the ‘in’ Vitamin A few years ago when it was widely reported that it could accomplish the holy grail of beauty tips – that is, reduce black circles under the eyes! Hurray, we cheered. But before long, it slipped back into obscurity. It is time to put it back on your shopping list. If you lack sleep, it will show on your face. Even the best concealer may not be able to hide those haunting black circles.

Vitamin K goes to work on dark circles by suppressing pigmentation and helping to prevent blood from clotting. Those who are into that pale look have discovered another secret of Vitamin K. Shhh! By suppressing pigmentation, it can help produce whiter skin. Seeking a porcelain doll look, though, you can get too much of a good thing, go easy follow the recommended dosage if you are taking a supplement. Given the important role of the melanin in pigmentation in protecting your skin from the sun, the guidance of a natural doctor is suggested.

There are many more reasons why you should restock Vitamin K. It’s also good for the bones and may help keep osteoporosis at bay. If you are short on Vitamin K, you are at a higher risk of a hip fracture and more frail bones in general. For skin health, Vitamin K has been shown to accelerate the healing of skin irritations. It has even been applied to the redness that results from laser treatments. So be sure to add this all around beauty vitamin to your diet.

Foods high in Vitamin K include:
•    Dark leafy greens (mustards, spinach, kale)
•    Broccoli
•    Asparagus
•    Brussels sprouts
•    Spring onions
•    Spices (chili powder, cayenne, curry, paprika)
•    Herbs (thyme, basil, sage, coriander, oregano)
•    Prunes

A Vitamin K deficiency can result in a thinning of the blood and lead to stroke and other illnesses.

So why not try to add some Vitamin K rich foods to your diet and perhaps watch those dark circles under your eyes disappear. Lookout for spinach and kale in one of our new formulas, Femina, coming out soon!

<3, Nicole

Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Now!

dark circles under eyes

Running from looking like a Raccoon!

You don’t need a superhero to fight under eye dark circles and get rid of them.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but when it comes to looking into the bathroom mirror, after a long night, it’s horrifying to see those awful under eye circles.

Dark circles are a common complaint for a lot of women and not a very motivating way to start the day. No one wants to look like this Raccoon (although pretty cute),  so lets get rid of those circles, whether you partied all night, worked or just couldn’t sleep.

So, what’s a girl to do to get rid of those circles?

First, try to figure out what could be causing the darkness under your eyes. Black circles could be the result of an underlying health problem, like allergies or poor nutrition. A common allergy that causes dark circles is gluten intolerance which is an allergy to wheat flour. Anemia can also cause darkness under the eye.

Making simple changes in your routine could help, like getting more sleep and using sunscreen and moisturizers with SPF. It’s a known fact that the sun causes the pigment in the skin to darken. Dark circles are caused by skin pigmentation and it can be more noticeable under the eye because this is where the skin is the thinnest. Even wearing sunglasses year round can help protect our skin, as well as eye health.

According to The National Skin Care Institute, a procedure called blepharoplasty can correct bags under the eyes but like many surgeries, it has to be performed under anesthesia and there are side effects and risks. An easier solution is using an eye serum. Eye serums are popular because they greatly reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and if used regularly they can prevent the darkness from returning. The problem is figuring out which eye serum works the best.  (stay tuned I have some favorites I will post about soon!)

MedicineNewsOnline did a six month study using twenty volunteers of different ethnicities and skin types. They concluded that using a combination of Dermitage and HydroLyze works best. Dermitage was their first choice in removing dark circles because it contains Haloxyl, which improves skin circulation and strengthens capillaries under the eye.

There are natural remedies too for dark under eye  circles.

  • Used daily, cucumber cut into thick slices and placed over the eyes for 10-15 minutes, will reduce puffiness.
  • Refrigerate tea bags over night and in the morning place the cool tea bags over the eyes for 10-15 minutes. Tea has tannin, an ingredient that will help to diminish darkness and swelling.
  • Use a frozen spoon for a short period of time or ice cubes wrapped in a soft cloth.
  • Get enough Zzzz’s. Usually 7-9 hours of sleep is the average recommended, but some people require more. If you are under stress, take a yoga class and try to relax before bedtime.
  • Eat healthy fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.
  • Drink enough fluid; dehydrated skin appears dry and drinking enough fluid is important for skin circulation.
  • Try vitamin supplements. Dark circles have been linked to lack of vitamin K or a deficiency in B12.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes. The skin under the eye is thin and very sensitive. Rubbing can cause discoloration by irritating the skin.

Cosmetic Remedies:

  • Use an eye cream that has vitamin K and retinol.
  • Try a concealer that matches your skin tone to camouflage the dark skin.

You don’t have to be a super hero to be victorious over  looking like a Raccoon. All it takes is developing a healthy lifestyle and trying out various remedies suggested by dermatologists and dieticians.

Paul Klee, a famous Swiss painter, once said, “Beauty is as relative as light and dark”. Our face is our canvas for self expression and individuality. When it comes to a beautiful face most would agree that luminous skin, especially under the eyes, is desired.

Let me know what works for you to help banish those dark under eye circles!