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Benefits of Steaming Your Face

Benefits of Face Steaming

If you have ever had the pleasure of a great spa facial, then you may already know the benefits of steaming your face!  Or perhaps you’re a regular visitor to the steam room. Often we know that these things are good for us, but we are not sure why. So, for those who aren’t sure of the benefits, this is for you.

First, let’s cover the benefits of steaming your face:

  •  A good steam helps loosen and remove the dirt and dead skin cells lurking beneath the surface of your skin that normal face washing cannot reach! It also helps to get rid of nasty blackheads and makes whitehead removal easier.
  • It encourages skin renewal, helping you to shed old skin cells to reveal a more vibrant, glowing skin. Additionally, it helps skincare products, such as serums and moisturizers, to absorb more deeply. A good steam increases oxygen flow and circulation to your face, helping new, healthy skin cells to grow.
  • Using an herbal blend like Steam in your hot water dramatically enhances the benefits of a steam by delivering the wonderful benefits of the herbs deeply into your skin for a complete and blissful skin rejuvenation. It relaxes and refreshes as you cleanse.

Now that you know the benefits of steaming, you are probably wondering how you do it.  It’s really quite simple. Just place hot water (be careful that it’s not too hot) into a bowl, drape a towel over your shoulder, hold your face above the water and relax for about 8 minutes.  Always cleanse and gently exfoliate before steaming, and then it’s ideal to use a face mask like Mudpack as a complete treatment to spoil your skin beautiful.

<3, Nicole