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Beautiful Benefits of Maqui Berry

Benefits of Maqui Berry

Hello, Beauties!

Lo and behold, we have found another super food that makes us smile and  glow.  I want to talk to you about the benefits of the Maqui berry.  We here are BeautyBlenz know our superfoods inside out and always when we hear of something new, we test it out before we pass on the beautiful benefits to you.  We love the Maqui Berry benefits! Now, sometimes, we aren’t as good at the pronunciation. I heard about this berry, and our team went to work – not only to find out about all its benefits, but to find the best and purest, raw, non-gmo, organic source.  The problem was I kept saying MaKaw berry, and my potential suppliers kept thinking I meant “maca” or perhaps was doing a bad parrot imitation. Just between you and me, it is pronounced MaKey Berry, but you may have figured that out already. I was just trying to make it sound more exotic 😉

All joking aside, this amazing little purple berry packs a beautiful nutritious punch.  Maqui has been used by the Mapuche Indians (who have been known for beautiful skin and a long life span) for centuries in healing.   They used to make a tonic from the berries that gave them vitality, strength and stamina for battles. This berry comes from the Patagonia region of South America. It’s not new, but it is new to the super food market. This amazing little berry has been rated as having one of the highest amounts of antioxidant ratios in the world. Wow!  It has even been said that this little fruit has 150% more polyphenols and 300% more anthocyanin than almost any other super food!  The bush on which the Maqui berries grow symbolizes health, healing and strength. We all could benefit from that!

Maqui berries are loaded with anthocyanin, polyphenols and bioflavonoids, which can guard our bodies from damaging free radicals. Anthocyanin is simply the compound that give these beautiful berries their deep purple color, but how does it help you?  Anthocyanin has a lot of healing benefits: it destroys damaging enzymes that can destroy tissue, boosts metabolism (thermogenic), promotes anti-aging and cardiovascular health, is an anti-inflammatory, balances blood sugar, increases energy, helps strengthen your immune system, clears up skin, helps cellular and tissue regeneration and repairs protein damage in the blood vessel walls. That is why it is a superfood.

Lookout for Maqui Berry in our two new formulas: Cogito and Femina.

<3, Nicole