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Easy 3 Day Beauty Detox

Beauty Detox Solutions

Your Solution to a 3-Day Beauty Detox

Of late the word ‘detox’ has become very popular in the beauty world. There are many detox diet plans and detox products you can find in beauty stores, in magazines or online. So, let’s take a look at what 3 day beauty detox is, how it can further your health and beauty and what you should do to detox your body.

The  Simple “What” and “Why” of Detox

First of all, beauty detox is aimed at flushing your body and removing all sorts of wastes and toxic substances accumulated in it. These toxic substances can be stored in your body fat deposits, in skin and other body cells. They can also get accumulated in the intestine. Through a short 3 day beauty detox you aim to help your body to remove all those harmful things and consequently renew its beauty and health.

Another aim of detox is to improve your digestion and to create a more favorable environment for useful bacteria in the digestive tract. The good bacteria helps to digest food and boost your immune system. There is a direct link between beautiful, smooth skin and good digestion. That is where detox becomes helpful in keeping your body healthy, your eyes bright and your skin clear although in the start of any detox you experience a breakout as your body is getting rid of toxins.

Besides, even a short 3 day detox can help to reduce cellulite, yay! It helps to flush out toxins from the inside skin deposits and reduces the pump and lump skin look on your thighs, buttocks and other cellulite affected areas of skin.

The “How” of  Beauty Detox

Now, you may find different 3 day beauty detox diet plans out there. They may differ by the foods allowed during such detox sessions and by their intensity and length. However, they all have something in common. So, here are some general guidelines for a 3 day beauty detox and the foods you should use for it.

First of all, health and beauty detox includes drinking lots of water and fresh juices. Water helps to flush your body and remove toxins. Juices saturate you with vitamins, antioxidants and other essential nutrients but are very easy on your digestive system. They revive your body cells and boost your immune system. They repair your cells and bind free radicals.

So, starting your detox, you should also plan to start your day by drinking up at least one or two cups of  warm water. I would suggest adding a couple  tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice to your water with a bit of cayenne and/or ginger if you can handle it. Avoid using carbonated water during your detox. Why should you drink warm water? It gets absorbed faster and activates the detox processes faster.  Don’t forget about herbal teas in the morning or during the day.

Always eat  breakfast, when you start your detox. It helps to boost your metabolism and burn more fat.   You can have some buckwheat porridge, sprouted-grain toast, a big fruit salad, veggies with a drizzle of flax oil, why not!

Good detox foods

Whole gluten-free or ancient grains, fruits and veggies should be the main foods on your 3 day detox menu. You may also include some raw seeds or nuts in it. Stay away from any processed cereals during your detox. Buckwheat, tops the list of whole grain choices, advised for consumption during the detox.  Other top contenders are steel-cut oats, amaranth, and quiona.

You should aim to include many raw fruits and vegetables into your diet during these days. In fact, raw foods should make no less than 75 percent of all the foods, consumed during your detox. You may even aim to eat only raw foods during for your detox time.

Again, whole grain and raw foods are rich with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They help to restore your body cells and remove toxins from them. Plus, these foods are rich in fiber. Fiber cleans your digestive tract and detoxes it.

Bad detox foods

Highly processed foods, fast food or fatty animal foods are the worst options for detox time. These foods should be totally excluded from your detox diet. They overload all your body systems, including your digestive tract and your liver. The liver plays a major part in detox. If it is overloaded with processing all these bad foods, it cannot cope with the toxins already stored up by your body. That’s why these foods are no good for detox.

These simple  3 day detox guidelines can help to get you on the right track and help your body to remain healthy and beautiful for long years of your life.  Beauty detox, simple solution!

In time I will also be writing about different herbs and detox kits you can buy to help accelerate the process but for today the solution is very simple.

Nicole <3