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Discover Which Foods Can Age You Years

Foods That Age YouYou are what you eat, and certain foods definitely make you look better than others. Your body literally rebuilds itself on a regular basis using the foods that you eat. Giving your body processed foods and high fructose corn syrup to work with is like trying to build a house with straw—it will not look very good and it does not take much to blow it down.

If you want to look radiant and hold back the wrinkles, then you need to eat food that your body can work with. It is not all about what you put on your face; it is what you put in your body that is most important. That is the big secret that women who look as sexy when they are fifty as they did when they were thirty understand.

Here is the best news of all: changing your diet to fill up your body with anti-aging foods is not all that expensive. All you need to do is make some smart choices and know a little science.

What causes you to get wrinkles in the first place? The biggest culprits are sugar, chemicals, and unhealthy fats. When sugar breaks down in the body, it creates free radicals and advanced glycation that literally targets and destroys the amino acids that keep your face looking good.

The older you get, the fewer amino acids your body has to work with. The fewer amino acids, the less radiant, smooth and all around amazing your skin becomes.

The problem is that most of our food today is filled with sugar—especially really bad sugar that accelerates this process dramatically. That is the bad news. And it is bad news, because it is so hard to avoid these foods.

Here’s the good news: certain antioxidants and nutrients can counter these sneaky free radicals. How? By supporting those very amino acids that make your face look so fabulous.
Cutting out the sugars, fillers, and bad fats that age your skin and filling yourself up with antioxidants and nutrients that slow down and even reverse the aging process is the key to keeping up a youthful look. That’s why superfoods are so important to slow down the aging process, they are filled with everything  your body and beauty loves.

<3, Nicole