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Aloe Vera Benefits

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Is it just me or is this spring particularly dry? I’ve been moisturizing like crazy. While I was slathering on more moisturizer earlier, I started thinking about the ingredients and their properties. This led me off on a tangent about the wonders of aloe vera. This plant can provide an amazing boost for both health and beauty. In fact, it’s so versatile that you may have heard of its nickname, the miracle plant.

So, why is it so effective? Aloe vera has over 75 really effective components. That includes a whopping 20 amino acids and 8 essential amino acids that are needed to keep the human body up and running. It’s been used to help ulcers, ameneorrhoea, jaundice, and dry skin.

Depending on the ills you’re trying to cure, aloe vera can be taken internally or externally. If you’ve got a skin disorder like dermatitis or another itchy problem, apply aloe vera to cool the itchiness and help the problem heal. You can also use aloe vera on burns (sun- or stove-based). Stop bleeding for minor cuts and wounds by applying some of this magic stuff. Got a bug bite, put some aloe vera on that to help it heal.

Since aloe vera lowers triglyerides and helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, it can also help with the diet and weight loss by stabilizing your metabolic rate and reducing lipid levels.

Now, what can it do for your skin? How about moisturizing, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, removing dead cells on the surface, and rejuvenating dry and tired skin for a nice glow. And if you’ve got stretch marks or other blemishes, try a little aloe vera. The results may surprise you. They’ll also leave your skin soft and smooth.

Still wondering what aloe vera can do for you? Here’s how it can benefit your health:

–    Helps eliminate cancer tumors since it contains polysaccharides. This has the ability to weaken and even reduce cancerous tumors. It also contains Acemannan, a phytonutrient that has anti-cancer properties that can actually help obliterate cancerous cells and tumors.
–    Cures radiation burns via internal and external applications to quicken healing. Works well to help with burns from radiotherapy treatment for types of cancer.
–    Reduces inflammation, providing relief for people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, or swelling around the eyes and ears. By rubbing aloe vera directly on, muscle and joint pain can be eased.
–    Helps other nutrients work by augment the antioxidant effects of vitamins, like C or E. Aloe vera helps boost the quality of your blood and its carrying capacity for bringing nutrients and oxygen to your body’s tissues and cells.
–    Improves digestive health and can provide relief from digestion discomfort or disorders. Aloe vera can actually help totally eliminate gastrointestinal disorders, stuff like acid reflux, heart burn, and symptoms of IBS.
–    Acts as laxative to help you keep everything running smoothly.
–    Relieves ulcers, Celiac disease, and Crohn’s disease.
–    Improves circulation by helping to breakdown all those clumping blood cells. Yes, thank all that junk food for salt, saturated fats and lovely hydrogenated oils that make your blood a sticky mess. Aloe vera helps reduce that stickiness, improving your blood’s circulation.
–    Helps lower high blood pressure by giving the circulatory system a boost. It may even help prevent heart attacks and strokes.
–    Stabilizes blood sugar levels to help manage diabetes. That boost to the circulation also helps prevent numbness in the hands and legs, a condition that can creep up on diabetics.
–    Improves the viscosity of the blood by balancing blood chemistry. This helps your heart by maintaining healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels.
–    Protects the body from kidney stones.
–    Helps protect the body from renal disease that can be caused by type 2 diabetes.
–    Helps your lady parts because it impedes fungal growth and viral infections like herpes or Candida by regulating menstruation and easing fibroids and ovarian cysts. Also helps you to avoid inflammations down there.
–    Protects skin from frostbite and sunburns.
–    Increases the blood flow to help heal wounds.
–    Treats skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, herpes and Lichen Planus, also helps with skin allergies.
–    Helps to strengthen your gums and teeth. Check your toothpaste, there’s a good chance aloe vera is in there. If not, try massaging some onto your teeth and gums to help improve dental health.

So, that’s the list for health. Pretty impressive, eh? Now, what about the outside? What can aloe vera do to make you even more beautiful?

Check out this list for aloe vera’s beauty-boosting benefits:
–    Enhances skin tone, that’s why it’s in so many skin products.
–    Moisturizes your skin. Like I mentioned earlier, it’ll help remove dead cells, hydrate, and keep your skin soft, supple, and glowing.
–    Evens out pigmentation problems like dark spots, dark or patchy dry skin, or freckles.
–    Heals acne scars and can even help prevent mega-zits, thanks to its anti-inflammatory nature.
–    Stimulates the production of collagens and elastins so fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.
–    Promotes an even complexion.
–    Helps revitalize your skin to help combat the signs of aging.
–    Works to reduce stretch marks.
–    Strengthens nails and restores their shine. Try massaging some into brittle or dull nails.
–    Reduces the oil in the skin because of its astringent properties. By reducing the excessive production of your sebaceous glands, your skin will be less oily.
–    Stimulates hair growth, and reduces hair loss, especially in balding areas.
–    Helps reduce dandruff and flaky scalp by moisturizing.
–    Conditions hair so it remains manageable and shiny.

So, there you have it. Take a look at some of your beauty treatments, your shampoo or toothpaste—I bet you didn’t even realize that there was aloe vera in there. Or, if you did, you didn’t realize what a vital role aloe vera plays in healing your body and making it beautiful.

<3 Nicole