Sacha Inchi Oil

Sacha Inchi Oil

Sacha Inchi Oil Beauty Benefits

Sacha Inchi Oil has been used for centuries, dating back to when Peruvian communities first discovered it in the rainforest. Since then health professionals have got hold of it and found the oil to have several benefits. The oil mainly contains fatty acids such as omegas 3, 6 and 9 – all of which can help fight the signs of aging and is a key ingredient in many branded moisturizers.   You can use it externally on dry, sensitive skin.

However, you may know that similar nutrients can be found in other oils, and so may question why you would buy this oil. The Sacha Inchi oil has other benefits such as being easier to digest, vegan and having a high level of protein. Not only is it easier to digest, but it is easier to take, as, unlike some other oils it has a more pleasant taste to be taken on its own, or you can even add it to your regular diet by adding it to products such as salad dressings. This versatility makes the process feel less medical and a more natural way to introduce it to your diet.   I don’t mind the taste it is unique, full bodied so to speak.  It is a bit earthy but you’ll get use to it.

The oil can combat signs of aging as previously mentioned, however, it can also have a greater impact on your general health as well. It has been proven to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, prevent heart disease as well as improve brain function. There are no known side effects of this oil, highlighting how gentle it is on the body and how the natural product has such a positive impact on the health and general well-being of the user.

This oil is slightly harder to come across than other supplements, and sometimes comes in different forms, if you go to your local natural food store or Whole Foods they should stock it, or failing that know where you can get it from.

If you are keen to introduce supplements to your diet but are wary, Sacha Inchi oil could be the thing for you. It’s natural make up and ease of use makes it one of the less intrusive supplements you can get currently on the market.


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2 thoughts on “Sacha Inchi Oil

  1. Great post and so glad that you are enjoying the benefits of sacha inchi oil. We at Sacha Vida also distribute the oil and recommend for it not to be heated because the Omega 3 bonds will break. It is best used in cold dishes, smoothies, as a dipping oil with your favorite bread or you can take it by the spoon.

    1. Thanks Carol I agree! This type of oil is not for cooking, thanks for pointing that out.

      Nicole <3

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