Rev Up Your Circulation – Beauty Quick Tip

How To Dry Brush Skin

It’s just common sense. Your skin can’t be radiant if it’s not getting the nutrients and blood it needs to replenish and repair. A lack of oxygen to your cells could be the reason that you’re tired and look worn out. Here are a few ways that you can get your (circulation) motor revving again:

•    Dry brushing—never heard of it? Just take a soft-bristled brush and dry brush your body just before your shower. It exfoliates and promotes circulation. Start at your feet, moving in clockwise motions, and brush upwards, using light pressure and long strokes.

•    Raid the spice cabinet for cayenne pepper. Slip a little extra kick into your sauces, soups, juices, and teas. If there’s a specific body part that needs a boost, mix ground cayenne pepper with water to make a paste. Then spread it on cheese cloth and wrap the body part. If it burns too much, use a little olive oil to take it down a notch.  (do a patch taste first)

•    Take a hot and cold shower, just alternate between hot and cold. Yes, it’s that easy! Cold water contracts the lymph vessels and hot water dilates them. It forces them to pump and increase the blood flow.

•    Here’s a fun one—get a massage. Contracted muscles can slow the blood down. Go and relax.

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