Remedies for Rosacea

natural remedies for rosacea

natural remedies for rosacea

I have known a lot of people affected with rosacea. If you suffer from rosacea, I hope this post can help give you some much-needed relief.

First lets discuss what it is for those who haven’t come across it before. Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness to the face because the blood vessels become enlarged beneath the skin. How common? Over 12 million Americans are affected by it.

Other symptoms of rosacea include red bumps on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and/or chin; visible blood vessels on your nose or cheeks; and/or a tendency to flush or blush. Rosacea can also result in a red bulbous nose (doesn’t sound fun, does it?) or a burning sensation in your eyes. Now that we have that unpleasant list out of the way, lets talk about some natural remedies that you can use to combat rosacea.

First, some basics:
• Try to avoid over-exposure to the sun.
• Keep your stress levels low. Yes, I know it’s not easy.
• Put the alcohol down!
• Kibosh on the spicy foods
• Avoid cold weather, harsh face exfoliants or scrubs, saunas, really hot showers or water, chemical-laden make-up and corticosteriods since they can aggravate rosacea.
• Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and gluten-free products like buckwheat and quinoa. Of course, you’re already doing that, right?
• Avoid processed foods. Cut out the icky trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, and sugar.
• Eat your dark leafy greens and whole grains. They have natural anti-inflammatories like vitamin B.
• Get your essential fatty acids, like flax and hemp oil, that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
• Incorporate meditation and yoga into your lifestyle. It’ll help with that low-stress thing, trust me.
• Make sure your pillowcase is washed regularly as that can also irritate your skin even more.

Rosacea can also be a byproduct of food allergies so it may be worth your while to go and get tested. After all, if you can avoid the problem by avoiding a certain food, it’ll make dealing with the rosacea that much easier. Common allergens like dairy, gluten, and peanuts can be triggers.

Second whether you make your own moisturizer or buy one, look out for these ingredients: vitamin B3; niacinamide (also great for anti-aging and hyperpigmentation, it will give you a glow); azelaic acid contrived from barely, wheat and rye (it will diminish the redness and take care of the bumps).

There are some other ways to calm and soothe the redness. You can apply lavender (try some oil on a cottonball and massage it in), feverfew (reduces inflammation), or camphor oil to the affected areas. The camphor especially is known to have soothing analgesic and antimicrobial effects. You can also try licorice gel twice a day on the area of the outbreak or tea tree oil for antiseptic and anit-inflammatory action.

Try putting green tea (which may help with the sun sensitivity) or chamomile tea bags on your face or, if you’re on the go, make a spritz out of the tea to spray on your face when needed. If you have a little time at home, rub oatmeal onto your face to soothe, cleanse, and moisturize. It will also help to reduce irritation, inflammation, and itchiness. If your face feels burny, try a chamomile cold compress. Just dip a cotton cloth into cold chamomile tea and hold it to the area. Definitely worth keeping some cold tea brewed and ready in the fridge.

Just so you know, all herbal remedies I’ve mentioned are meant to be taken topically. Unfortunately, some can even aggravate rosacea so start slow and do patch tests to see how your skin reacts. Be patient. If one of the natural remedies doesn’t work for you, try the next on the list. Nature has lots of ways to help us look and feel fabulous, we just have to find the one that’s right for our own body.

If in doubt, breastfeeding, pregnant, or taking prescription medications—talk to your naturopath, herbalist, or doctor to see which method will be best for you.

<3, Nicole

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