Raw Food Diet Benefits


raw food diet benefitsFeeling Great and Looking Hot: Enhancing Beauty and Health with a Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet: What it is and how it benefits your beauty.

A vegan raw food diet, gaining popularity in an increasingly health conscious society, really does do a body good, in more ways than one.  Aptly named, the diet consists of eating primarily raw foods, although some food may be heated to approximately 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  Both Vegans and voracious meat-eaters can benefit from this raw-food diet. With an amazing variety of food options and an endless supply of mouthwatering recipes, people from all walks of life can drastically change the way they think about food, while enhancing their outer beauty at the same time.  It’s not just boring salads!

One of the greatest advantages of a raw food diet is that the food’s nutritional value is not depleted in any way by overcooking.  For instance, the cooking process often reduces or eliminates essential enzymes and vitamins that would otherwise be found in food.  People enjoying a raw food diet can benefit from the full nutrient content of their meals, since they simply don’t cook any or most of their food!  They eat primarily unprocessed, natural, organic foods, including all raw vegetables and fruits, seaweeds, sprouts, nuts, seeds and pure juices.  Those who aren’t vegans will also eat eggs, unpasteurized dairy products, and certain meats but really you need to do this vegan. Foods that are considered unsafe to consume uncooked will either be avoided entirely or simply cooked to a safe level. (Many raw foodists only have a 75% raw diet!).

Raw Food Diet Beauty Benefits

Of course, the question remains: So what?  What’s the big deal with a few extra enzymes in our food?  Who really cares about increased vitamin content?  The truth is, we should all care!  A raw food diet, rich in those essential elements, can not only help prevent certain cancers, aid digestion, and increase your energy, but it can also do wonders for your appearance!  Want to lose weight and highlight your curves?  A raw food diet, which never leaves you hungry, is considered one of the most effective ways to shed pounds in a healthy way!

The majority of people on a raw food diet will consume less cholesterol and fat and more water and fiber.  Their metabolism will often increase as well, which again heightens potential for significant weight loss. How about having beautiful, radiant skin?  A raw food diet can do that for you, too. With the higher moisture content of most uncooked foods, combined with nutrients like vitamin E, selenium, and sulfur (which can help increase natural elasticity and boost collagen), your skin will become noticeably more youthful, healthy, and blemish-free.

Looking to change your life?  Consider going raw.  From a hot body to a flawless complexion to soft and touchable skin, a raw food diet is a great way to improve your health, inside and out.

Cheers to the benefits of raw food & radiant beauty!


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