Pili Nuts

Pili Nut Benefits


Polynesian Pili Nuts

Have you ever heard of these?  Me neither up until Sunday!  I was in San Francisco over the weekend and found these at the Green Grocer (I will write more on that later!).  You might be able to find these at Whole Foods too as they carry this brand.

Pili nuts are from an evergreen self-sustainable tree that is grown on the islands where there is a tropical or subtropical climate.  The taste is compared to the combination of Pecan, Pine, Brazil and Walnut flavors.

After reading all the benefits of these nuts on the package I was very curious to try them.  They are very rich and oily but very soft.  Pili nuts nearly melt in your mouth when you eat them.

So what are the beauty benefits??  These tasty nuts are full of healthy fats, proteins, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B’s.

The package states they make a rich nut milk, great ice cream, good addition to smoothies, smooth pesto and delicious chocolate.

I really like these nuts.  I wish I had picked up two packs so I could do some experimenting with recipes but for now I will just eat them as they are.  If you happen to come across these nuts in your health food shopping adventures, pick some up!  I paid $10.00 for 6 ounces.


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