Phyto Phytophanere Hair and Nail Supplement Review

Phytophanere Supplement Review

Phytophanere Hair and Nail Dietary Supplment

Phytophanere hair and nail supplement aims to improve nail strength, promote hair growth (including eye lashes) and brighten the skin. The combination of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins has contributed to the popularity of this particular supplement. One of the main ingredients is vitamin E which acts as a powerful antioxidant, with omega 3 & 6 included to increase hair shine. Pro vitamins A, B, C and Cystine are also included in the make-up of this vitamin which contributes to improving skin tone and hair and nail growth.

Dosage is lower than most similar supplements currently available, at just two caplets a day, this lower dosage makes it one of the more affordable supplements as its price point is only about $25 per 60 caplets. A great product to buy if you are on tighter budget.

The results from using this product do vary. Most users do report improvements, however very few report improvements across all hair, nails and skin. Some have even reported improvements in one area but with another area getting worse or staying the same. For example, some users reported improved nail strength but increased levels of oily skin and frequent break outs. This could be due to the omega levels in the caplets, which is essentially oil, and so if you do suffer from oily skin, this may not be the most appropriate supplement for you. It is also important to note that this supplement is advised to be taken alongside a healthy diet and does not take the place of eating fruit and vegetables. Do not solely depend on any supplements without a healthy diet.  I first bought this supplement in London, I liked it, my skin had more of a glow from the oils and my nails were growing a tad quicker!  I love caplets as they breakdown in the body faster and easier than some tablets.

It seems the area with the highest success rate with this supplement is nail strength. The Phytophanere supplement is very successful at strengthening nails, improving growth rates and preventing them from splitting. Therefore if nail strength is your main concern I would recommend this product, but be  aware of the high omega content, could create an oil slick on your face, which may not be worth the improved nail strength you gain!


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