Murad Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Pack Review

Murad Firm and Tone Supplement Pack Review

Murad Firm and Tone Review

Murad’s Firm and Tone diet supplement pack is one of the most talked about supplements that claims to reduce cellulite.  Ladies spring is here, thank goodness but most of us are panicking about putting on that bikini this might help. The supplement works with your body to increase cell strength as weak cells are one of the main causes of cellulite. The supplement is mainly made up of micronutrients that can help improve cell strength. These include multivitamins which help improve microcirculation, fatty acids to hydrate the skin as well as connective tissue supplements to strengthen blood vessels and promote collagen products, which is one of the key functions required to help reduce cellulite.   Here is the claim made by the Murad:  This patented, scientifically-based complex encourages the appearance of firmer skin by up to 78% in 8 weeks** and helps to improve the visual texture of stretch marks by up to 47% in 8 weeks.  Of course they have the disclaimer results may vary from person to person, nothing is guaranteed etc etc.

You are advised to take two ‘packs’ a day, one in the morning and then one again in the evening, with meals to avoid any stomach discomfort. However, there have been a few reports by users of stomach cramps and general tummy upsets. If you do have any food allergies or digestive problems I would strongly advise consulting your doctor or nutritionist to see if this product is suitable as it does seem to cause problems for a few. Also, it is good to note that the tablets included in the pack, are quite large and so if you are not confident, or find it difficult to swallow tablets, again this supplement may not be suitable for you.

As stated, there have been some reports of users who suffered stomach upset, however, those who didn’t experience the same problems and proceeded with the course have reported vast improvements. Like most supplements, there have been mixed results for different people. Even though the product is advertised to improve cellulite it has been successful for many at reducing the appearance of stretch marks. If stretch marks are something that you suffer from, then this supplement could be a good choice.

In terms of reducing cellulite, there have been success stories in this area, however it would appear that it is actually just as effective if not more so for stretch mark sufferers. And so if you are concerned about cellulite and stretch marks you found your match.

The product itself does not come cheap, at around $140 for one months’ supply, it is essential that you review the products ingredients first to ensure it won’t cause any stomach upsets, and if you are more concerned about cellulite than stretch marks, it could be a waste of money as some users touted great results with stretch marks but not as much with cellulite. The product’s make-up (i.e. combination of ingredients) is patented, meaning that there are no cheaper alternatives on the market, so this can offer some slight re assurance, however it would seem that the patented combination should be targeted for stretch mark sufferers rather than cellulite sufferers.

Overall, it is hard to pin point this product as it does have proven results, but not necessarily in the area it is supposed to. It isn’t cheap, but there aren’t cheaper alternatives, so if you have the money to invest in this supplement and you have understood what it could do for you, as well as understand the possible side effects, it may well be worth a try.

Something to put on the list I think when you have some extra $$ :)

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      Thanks for stopping by. I totally agree first and foremost a clean diet and good old exercise are the best thing to get rid of cellulite. Thanks for mentioning dry brushing a good topic for a post, I do it everyday. Supplements are great when you need them for a boost.
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