Model Beauty Tips

model beauty tips

Top Model Beauty Secrets

Whenever we see a model sashaying down the catwalk flaunting flawless skin and gorgeous hair, we are filled with envy.

We think that as mere mortals, we can never have such beautiful skin and such a glowing appearance. In doing so, however, we forget that models are still human beings like us.  I know, I have worked in this industry.

All you need to do is know their model secrets in taking care of their skin, inside out.  So it is not out of the realm of possibility for you to find ways to achieve the same results.  In interviews, most supermodels reveal that most of them refuse to use products stuffed with damaging and unnatural chemicals. Rather, they insist on using natural products that protect their skin from the extreme hairstyles, makeup and lights they are exposed to on a regular basis.

Supermodel Beauty Secrets

Cindy Crawford is a perfect example.  Everyone knows that she was one of the most successful supermodels of the 1980s.  If you see her now, it seems hard to believe that she is a mother of two and over 40.  In order to keep her skin healthy and youthful, she makes time to relax in a  infrared sauna (to get those toxins out as well as other benefits I will post on later), integrating mineral water and fresh milk in her diet.  If you don’t drink cow milk, try almond milk. Crawford reports that doing this helps her to look young, a fact to which her pictures can certainly attest.

Perhaps you swoon over Gisele Bundchen’s beautiful hair?  Her hair plays an integral role in making her the famous supermodel she is.  Everyone assumes that her signature waves come from trained stylists working away.  However, in her own admission, all she does is dry her hair slightly and loosely tie it before going to bed.  Then the next morning, she gets to wake up to naturally waving hair falling softly.  Now all she has to do is apply a bit of silicon-based serum and she is ready to flaunt her famous locks.

Now, take Indian supermodel Lakshmi Menon, who herself is well-known for healthy, super-shiny hair.  Menon attributes the shine of her hair to simply using coconut oil. She swears by it, believing that it has had a therapeutic effect on her hair. She claims that the coconut oil plays an instrumental role in increasing circulation throughout the scalp, thereby ensuring that her hair follicles receive all the vital nutrients it needs.  All you need to do is coat your hair in coconut oil, put on a shower cap and try to sleep that way overnight for the best results.  I also like to apply some heat so the oil absorbs better, just blow dry over the shower cap.  Shampoo the coconut oil out the next morning, easy!

Lastly, how many of you are perennially troubled by acne problems and feel that you’ve tried everything?  Before you give up, try Adriana Lima’s simple beauty tip.  All she does is apply a little bit of tea tree oil on her skin when she breaks out.  Her flawless face speaks volumes about the success of this easy trick, so you can feel confident when you try it out.

Supermodels like these simply cannot afford to take skin problems lightly while under the spotlight 24/7.  They have to know what works instantly for any skin or beauty problem and the solutions must fast, easy, and effective.  Now you too can steal their beauty tips & secrets and end up with beautiful, acne-free skin and tousled, shiny hair.

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