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Vitamins for Faster Hair GrowthLustrous Tea – Lustrous Hair, Sip Your Way to Longer, Stronger Healthier Hair!

Lustrous Tea custom herbal blend that’s natural AND good for your beauty, tip to toe. It works from the inside out for healthier, thicker hair and fuller eyelashes. Plus, it helps prevent your hair from premature graying.

What Makes it so Great?

You won’t find any other tea formulas like this!  Each 100% natural organic ingredient is handpicked by our beauty expert for maximum impact without adding the toxins or fillers some beauty teas may contain. Lustrous Tea’s unique formula is loaded with hair-loving ingredients, vitamins, minerals and all that good stuff your hair and body need to truly shine.

Lustrous harnesses the power of nature with these beauty-boosters:

Fo-ti – The root of this Asian plant, known as he-shou-wu in China, promotes both hair growth and texture.  It has been used in Asia for centuries.  Fo-ti helps you grow thicker, softer hair even quicker than before. It’s also believed to help prevent or even REVERSE gray hair.

Nettle – This amazing plant has almost every vitamin and mineral needed by the human body, making it a natural tonic that promotes your overall wellbeing.  This natural beauty booster enhances circulation and hair growth while adding shine to your hair and a glow to your skin. It can help make your hair softer and thicker. Traditionally, it’s been used to help restore natural hair colour. It can even help ease PMS cramping.

Horsetail – Don’t be confused by the odd name—this is an herb, not a pile of horse hair.
Horsehair is rich in silica—a trace mineral that helps to slow the aging process by boosting your body’s collagen. That also helps add natural luster to your hair, strengthens your nails, and helps to improve skin tone.

Dong Quai –Dong Quai isn’t just used to halt hair loss, it may also even help to stimulate hair follicles so they start growing again. This Asian plant is one of those natural cure-alls that helps your body feel good from the inside out. It may help improve your mood, increase circulations which will boost your complexion, and help balance estrogen levels.

Rose Hips – Rosehip provides vitamin C that can help boost your immune and cardiovascular system, along with its known benefits for your hair, teeth, and skin. It can sooth an upset tummy, act as an anti-inflammatory, and help relieve urinary tract and bladder infections.

Gynostemma – This little-known member of the cucumber family has many suspected health benefits, among them are its power to help decrease blood pressure, emulsifying cholesterol deposits that have built-up on the vascular walls, boosting the immune system, and regulating fat metabolism which can help people lose weight. It can help prevent hair loss and slow down graying by helping the process that nourishes your hair follicles. It may even help slow your body’s aging by promoting cellular re-growth.

What’s in it for Me?

• Promotes healthy hair
• Promotes hair growth
• Enhances eyelashes
• Helps thinning hair
• Helps prevent premature graying
• May boost your immune system and lift your mood
• Promotes beauty from the inside out
• Great for your hair, great for your health!

Next Step

If you’re ready to sip your way to healthier, more lustrous hair, Lustrous custom ORGANIC herbal blend tea can help. You won’t want to miss the chance to try this proprietary herbal blend.

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Start sipping your way to lustrous hair today!

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