How To Make Your Own Blush

how to make blush

Blush Naturally with this Homemade Beauty Recipe!

Forget about buying expensive cheek tints, make your own!  Now that is it almost summer you don’t want a heavy powder blush at the beach but a light rosy glow!

You can use this blush tint alone or over foundation.

Homemade Blush Cheek Tint Recipe

1 tsp Glycerin

4-6 drops of Beet Juice (more for a darker tint)

Juice a beet or grate the beet and strain the remaining juice.  Put the juice in a saucepan and simmer to reduce it to a quarter of its original volume.  (watch the pan!)  When cooled, add the juice to the glycerin in a small glass bottle, using a dropper and shake well.

That is it you are done!  No chemicals, no fuss just a perfect rosy glow.




3 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Blush

    1. Hi K,

      It should last about a month :) If it does go off you can always tell by the smell. Thank for reading!

      Nicole <3

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