How To Make a Nourishing Hair Mask & Conditioner

how to make a hair mask


I know when I have a “good” hair day I walked around feeling more confident!  Most of us want soft, glossy hair with a head-turning sheen!

Did you know your scalp is one of the most absorbent parts of the body’s skin, especially the top called the pate!  Look at the ingredients in your shampoo, conditioners and leave-in treatments to be sure they are worthy for your crowning glory.  We love the idea of herbs and botanical nurturing our hair back to health, but while many mainstream herbal haircare products claim to be natural, most contain only miniscule amounts of herbs and botanical ingredients, while being loaded with preservatives and detergents.

I would love to say making your own shampoo is practical.  It certainly can be done but is is a complicated product to make at home, usually involves the use of soapwort herb or grated castile soap but usually you will not get the squeaky clean feel we all like.  When you purchase shampoo, always look at the label and try to get it from your natural food store as opposed to the drug store.  Dr. Hauschka and Aubrey Organics are some good brands to look out for.

Eat hair friendly-foods and don’t forget to supplement your diet with essential fatty acids like hemp or flax oil and you might want to take 200-400 iu of vitamin E to help with dry hair but check with a natural health physician.  Don’t forget to get your ends trimmed regularly too!

I wanted to share with you some simple hair recipes that are chemical free:

Banana or Avocado Hair Mask

1 Ripe Banana or Avaocado

1 Tbs Olive Oil

Mash the ingredients together and smooth onto hair – from roots all the way to the ends.  Massage this into your hair and scalp and wrap your hair in plastic wrap or a hot towel for about 15 minutes.  Rinse and shampoo and condition as normal.

No-Rinse Conditioner Recipe

3 drops Carrot-Seed Essential Oil or Neroli

3 drops Chamomile Essential Oil

3 drops Lavender Essential Oil

3 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

Mix all the ingredients in the palm of your hand and apply immediately.  This scalp-stimulating hair gleamer can be applied to towel-dried hair (not scalp) after shampooing.  No need to rinse.

Cheers to good hair days!



4 thoughts on “How To Make a Nourishing Hair Mask & Conditioner

  1. Thanks for the recipe! My hair is thick and curly and the best product I’ve used so far to take care of dryness is Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner, my hair is hydrated and healthy now, plus it’s shinier than before :)

    1. Hi Viviask,

      You are very welcome! Really! I will have to look into that product, I love argan oil for my hair. I usually use pure oil as a deep conditioning treatment.

      Nicole <3

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