How To Get Soft Skin

how to get soft skinSoft Skin Tips For Your Whole Body

Everybody, men and women alike, craves soft skin.  A few fruitful steps can prove to be instrumental in giving you skin to die for.

To get overall soft and smooth skin, bathe in lukewarm water.  Hot water dries out your skin, preventing you from having the touchable skin you want.

Try using a body loofah or exfoliating gloves, which are both very effective in cleaning and exfoliating the skin; limit use to two or three times a week.  Make sure not to scrub your skin too hard as that may break it, use small circular motions for the best results. You should use moisturizing body washes in the shower or bath. When possible, keep from using bar soaps which are often made of harsh detergents that can easily dry out your skin.

Showers and baths should be followed by a drying session in which you should pat your body with a damp washcloth so that your skin remains a little wet this will  help your body lotion absorb better. Immediately after this, you should prepare a mixture of rich body lotion (look for natural organic ingredients you can pronounce) and melted pure cocoa or Shea butter or coconut oil and apply it all over your skin so that the moisture can be sealed in.

To smooth dry or rough skin, use thicker, creamier lotions. You can also use organic baby oil in place of a moisturizer. Ideally, moisturize your body two to four times a day to achieve the overall look you want.

Specific processes will provide additional help for your hands and feet.  For soft feet, soak them for 15 to 20 minutes in a bowl of lukewarm water with some essential oils shortly before going to bed.  When you are finished soaking, pat them dry with the help of a damp washcloth. Then apply lotion and pure cocoa butter or Shea butter on your feet and put on fresh, clean cotton socks.  The same process should be repeated with your hands.

Incorporating lifestyle changes will help you get and maintain flawless skin as well.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day and you will find that your skin is glowing and radiant. Your diet should be a well-balanced one involving all recommended nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Lastly, when choosing body products, make sure you avoid lotions with ingredients that can be harmful to your skin.  Alcohol dries out skin while many mineral oil and animal by-products clog pores.  Refuse products with chemicals that cause irritation and fragrances that result in allergies; these are often easy to distinguish with their long and complex-sounding names. Rather, you should choose natural products that provide moisture and allows the skin to “breathe,” gaining oxygen and moisture and eliminating toxins.  Some natural products that will help your skin are honey, coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, tea tree oil, avocado, cucumber, soybeans, almond meal, vegetable and fruit extracts.

Follow these simple tips and you can have perfect, soft skin that captivates people’s attention and has them begging for your secret.


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