Homemade Face Cleanser

Homemade Face CleanserWho knows your skin better than you?   You can get away from harsh chemical-laden commercial products and make your own face cleanser!  Very fun and easy.

I can’t remember where I first found this recipe but I love it.  It has antimicrobial action and is great, for dissolving and taking off makeup.

Homemade Face Cleanser Recipe

Cleopatra’s Cleansing Oil

1/8 cup (25 ml) Olive Oil

1/4 cup (50 ml) Grapeseed Oil

1/8 cup (25 ml) Coconut Oil

7 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

6 drops Orange Essential Oil

4 drops Teatree Essential Oil

3 drops Sage Essential Oil

Place a heatproof measuring cup inside a saucepan of water that has been recently boiled.  Pour the coconut oil into the cup and stir until the oil has been completely melted.  Blend in the other oils.  Pour the mixture into a squeeze bottler or a wide-mouthed jar, stirring well.  Then put on the top and shake well.  As it cools, it will thicken slightly.

Voila your very own homemade face cleanser!  Don’t let the ingredients scare you, you can find them all at any health food store or Whole Foods.

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