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herbs for skinHerbs to Make your Skin Healthy & Glow

Sometimes we forget that our skin is our largest organ in the body. We must take care of it for it to take care of us.  There are some herbs that are really beneficial for your skin.

For example, in treating acne or rashes, red clover, dandelions and nettle are great answers in making your skin clear again and be free of the acne.  You can take these internally too, look for a brand called Natures Way for these herbs..

Chickweed is great also for treating rashes, eczema and really dry scaly skin. It will help in making your skin glow again.  Did you know it is commonly found in lawns across the U.S. but please look for it in herbal lotions and oils for the best results.

Lavender is another herb that not only smells good, but also has vast properties in helping promote ant-aging, skin cell turnover and acne treatment.  It is found in lotions and is used well to treat rashes, burns and abrasions. It’s also a great product to use every day to promote healthy skin.

Calendula is found in lotions as well in the pure form and is great to treat and heal dry skin. Trust me for rough skin around your elbows, heels etc. Calendula will make it silky, soft but it does not smell very good but well worth it!

Eucalyptus is great for promoting healthy sinuses, easy breathing and detox. It can be used as a “rub” like Vikes Vapor Rub.  For healthy clear skin you can boil some water and pour it into a boil, put in just a couple drops of eucalyptus oil. Cover your whole head with a towel lean in towards the bowl but make sure the towel covers the bowl too, and breath in and out deeply to get the full benefits. Good news, you are also giving your pores a great deep cleaning (make sure you have a clean face).

Rosemary can be added to your bath water and is great at treating dandruff in the hair. It also has a lightening effect on the skin.  Look for Rosemary in scalp tonics or make your own this will stimulate your hair follicles for faster growth! Weleda makes a great hair oil with rosemary.

Finally, comfrey, peppermint, fennel and black walnut hulls are also herbs that are great for treating and taking care of your skin.  We will cover those in another post.

Herbs for skin aren’t that confusing or hard to use and can be easily found in skincare product you can find at vitamins stores or Whole Foods.  I will be posting up some homemade skincare recipes soon!

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2 thoughts on “Herbs For Skin

  1. Herbs are great and should be incorporated in our daily lives.Take for instance Garlic . It fights against the common cold ,yet it keeps the heart so healthy ! Herbs in my opinion are like little elves. They build,they mend and they work hard to make us healthy and happy without much notice.

    1. Thanks Marie so true, herbs are great for your skin & your health!

      All the best,

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