Green Smoothies – A Beauty Secret

Green SmoothiesEat Greens To Stay Beautiful

When you were a child, I bet your mother often touted the importance of eating green vegetables.  Better vision and fewer trips to the doctor were common promises of adequate salad consumption.  When those health benefits failed to entice you, most desperate mothers would offer the standard, much more effective, incentive of dessert, and most kids cleaned their plate for a small serving of some sweet concoction. Now, however, hopefully you don’t need dessert to convince eat your  greens.

With so many health and beauty benefits of eating salad and other green vegetables, they’ve become my favorite part of every meal!  Try a green smoothie!

Many leafy greens, like romaine lettuce, kale, and spinach, have a number of essential antioxidants that are vital in maintaining health and making a marked difference in the way you look and feel.  These powerful vitamins and nutrients, which serve to strengthen bone, improve brain function, and help prevent cancer, can improve your health and vitality.  They can also directly impact your outer beauty, affecting skin, hair, and weight.

Specifically, the vitamin A found in most leafy greens can help keep your skin smooth and supple and it can work to prevent premature wrinkles. By aiding in the production of natural oil, it will help you retain skin moisture, which is not only a benefit to keeping your skin moisturized, but also to keeping your hair strong, smooth, and shiny.  Selenium, also found in many greens, can help give your skin and hair a healthy tone while preventing drying.  Vitamin E is another vitamin essential in keeping you moisturized and defending your skin against becoming too dry.  It also helps to fight acne and give you healthy, clear skin.  Vitamin B, which is thought to provide some natural protection against UV rays, can help ward off sun-damage and prevent premature wrinkles.

Eating leafy greens can also help you achieve your ideal figure.  Not only are they low in calories, but they aid digestion (which can reduce bloating) and are absorbed into the body more slowing, which can help minimize the effect on your blood sugar levels and therefore improve metabolism and help you feel full longer.

Getting your greens is an essential factor in beautiful skin, hair, and body, and they can actually be a delicious part of any meal.  Spend some time researching, trying, and perfecting the many ways to prepare your vegetables, keeping in mind that uncooked vegetables retain their vitamin content better than cooked ones. With so many delicious combinations and healthy dressings and sauces, there are no longer any excuses for leaving your vegetables on your plate.  So eat up! Your body will thank you.

Never tried a green smoothie before?   Just use your favourite smoothie recipe but add a couple of handfuls of spinach or kale, try to pick a mild green not a spicy one so you won’t even taste it.  Voila :)



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