Grapefruits for More Radiant Skin and Fuller Hair?

Grapefruit for Cellulite Reduction


I was recently reading a study from the citrus growers association of Southern Africa.   The study found women that ate grapefruit on a daily basis had a 81.6% found improved skin tone and 72.3% found their hair condition had improved!

Grapefruits are also known to reduce cellulite, not to mention are full of  vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants!  Grapefruits contain the amazing, anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain which also helps cleanse your skin and body!  Did you know the grapefruits are low in sugar and have a low acid content, they are actually the mildest out of all the citrus fruits.  They have strong antiseptic and mucus-dissolving benefits.

I like to cut my grapefruit into sections and sprinkle stevia on it, so simple but so good!

Try adding a grapefruit to your next smoothie (be sure to get the white pith off or it will be very bitter) or your favorite juice.  I even like to squeeze grapefruit juice over a salad for a refreshing twist!

Grapefruits are also great for skin cell renewal, just leave a bit of the pink flesh on the peel and rub that over you face (flesh-side up), leave the remanants on for about 5 minutes for a radiant glow!





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