Get Your Grow on – Tips on How to Grow Hair Faster

grow hair faster

Maximizing Your Hair’s Potential for  Faster Growth

At fifteen years old, I decided that I would be adorably hot changing my naturally dark brown hair to blond with a home hair color kit.  It went very, very wrong, my hair was orangey-yellow and every time I brushed it, my hair just broke off.  That started my mission to learn how to make my hair grow faster. Amazingly, even with the breakage it grew out, but it definitely took some time.

I don’t know a woman who hasn’t had times in the life of their hair when they desperately wanted it to grow fast.  Bad haircuts, upcoming special events, and more have led many a woman to their stylist, best friend, or mother begging for advice on speeding up the process of growing out their hair.  (Needless to say, I learned my lesson see a colorist for any drastic hair color changes).  But there are so many different rumors and old wives’ tales, it becomes difficult to figure out what is a legitimate idea that may actually have results.

As it turns out, the most obvious advice is also the most effective: keep your hair (and body) healthy.  It doesn’t need to be slathered with mayonnaise or brushed 100 times a day like your grandma use to tell you (in fact, please don’t!), it just needs to be treated as what it is – a living, growing part of your body.  Just as drinking water can help your skin clear up and eating fruits and vegetables can help maintain a healthy digestive track, your hair can reach its maximum potential by caring for it correctly.

Three Commandments for Hair:

  1. Treat your hair the way you wish to be treated (seriously).  Nourish your hair it will grow, use a leave-in conditioner, I love Abba Herbal Remedy leave-in treatment coupled with regualr treatments of argan & coconut oil to leave your hair silky soft, strong and  protected against heat from styling.  Try making a scalp tonic that stimulates the follicles to grow, this is a great accompaniment to good daily scalp massage. Use a good brush.  Don’t yank through your tangles.  Remember that your hair is your friend, not your enemy, and it will love you back.
  1. Keep the body healthy.  A lack of vitamins and minerals will absolutely affect your hair health and growth.  This means eating right and taking a multivitamin are absolute necessities.  Healthy fats like your Omega 3’s (hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax oil etc.) are essential for hair growth.  Learn to love cucumbers which are high in silica to help build strong hair and nails.  Avoid too much stress, too much alcohol (it dehydrates your body and hair), and any drug use.  Certain prescription medications may slow hair growth; there may be nothing you can do to change that, but you can help your body get healthier and maybe eliminate some of your medications.
  1. Seek professional care as appropriate.  Think of your stylist or your specialty products as your hair’s therapist.  Regular upkeep to minimize split ends (don’t be scared you need a trim to get those dead ends off…) and an elimination of beauty regimens that could over process your hair will go a long way to getting your hair healthy and healthy hair grows faster.

Like most of life, the hardest part of getting what you want (longer hair) lays not in the steps you take to achieve your goal, but in the waiting for it to happen.  There is only so much you can do, so focus on those actions and just be patient.  Maybe you’ll end up with longer hair and have had a little personal growth as well.

This should help you “get your grow on”, stay tuned for more tips on growing hair faster.


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