Get Rid of Cellulite Now!

get rid of cellulite

The Fight Against Cellulite: Your Body’s Nemesis

How comfortable do you feel while wearing a bikini on the beach or  a cute short skirt?   Point blank, cellulite sucks,  get rid of it for good (hopefully)!

Sure, we all worry about a little too much jiggle in the wrong places, especially if we think it’s likely to be noticed.  But even worse than being a little rounder than you’d like is the day the dreaded cellulite occurs.

Cellulite, contrary to popular belief, is not simply “fat”; it refers to the dimpling or cottage cheese-like appearance of your skin that evolves over time and occurs due to a variety of factors.  Many women think it relates to weight and for some it does, but most of the time, you cannot completely block the possibility of cellulite out of your life and off of your body.  I have seen the skinniest girls with cellulite, frustrating, I know.

If you have a bit too much weight for your frame or too little muscle tone, getting in shape and losing some of that weight may help reduce the amount and visibility of cellulite.  Grab a friend and head to the gym – then keep doing it on a regular basis.  Building and defining muscle tone can assist the skin over it to have a smoother appearance, regardless of weight.  Try circuit training, most gyms have an area set up to get you started but your best bet is to create your own circuit with free weights and a jump rope.

If a cream is more your speed, look for one with caffeine, a proven agent to make your skin look smoother and to burn surface fat cells, which can give you the best chances of success.  I wouldn’t depend on these though, it all comes down to diet and lifestyle.

Heading to the spa for a day or weekend?  Take your best friend along for company and treat yourself to a mesotherapy or cellulite reducing seaweed body wrap treatment.  Sip some green juice and have your skin treated to reduce the cellulite.  It can be so easy to combine pleasure and relaxation with making your body sexier – after all, this is what spas have staked their businesses on for years.

Other practical ways of reducing and preventing cellulite include making sure you take good care of your skin and body!  Brush your skin (always brush upwards start at your feet) and exfoliate regularly, ridding your body of the buildup of excess skin cells in the areas prone to cellulite.  Likewise, eating a healthy, balanced diet full of fatty acids, vegetables, and fruit can help eliminate cellulite.  Grapefruit and blueberries are particularly helpful to cleanse your system, thus lessening or eliminating the existing cellulite and preventing more from forming.

The best part of preventing and reducing cellulite is that all of the methods are also great for your body in other ways.  You can get yourself to a happier, healthier body that boosts your confidence even more.

Goodbye cellulite.


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