Foods You Need To Eat For Healthy Hair

Foods for Hair GrowthIs it just me or are we all at least a little obsessed with getting glossy, healthy hair? I know I get super excited every time I see even just a bit of hair growth. I like it long and lustrous, baby! You want to a mane you can be proud of: soft, super shiny, with volume and tempting that certain someone to run his finger through your hair.

I hate to break it to you but there is no fancy shampoo and conditioner that can make up for a poor diet. Your hair needs healthy foods, lots of water, and a healthy digestive track to be awesome. Heck, your whole body could use all that. The simplest path to great hair is watching what you put into your shopping cart, not over-processing your hair, and getting regular trims (I know, I know but it has to be done). Do you know dull oily hair can be a symptom of a nutritionally deficient diet, a sluggish bowel, not drinking enough water, and just having to many toxins in your system? There’s nothing you can slather on your head that will fix that problem.

So, what’s the path to healthier hair and a healthier you?

I LOVE food and grocery shopping and, if you do most of your shopping from a fast food menu, you should learn to love it as well. I’m no stranger to Whole Foods (it’s a 6 minute walk from my house) but it can get pricey quick. My advice to beginners is to watch for sales. Any grocery store will do but try to keep it organic and, if you can, local.

Foods For Healthy Hair

So, what should you be fuelling your body with to add even more body to your hair? Try live yogurt (I recommend coconut or almond bases), fresh vegetables (aim for a variety of colours), fruits, cold-pressed oils (flax, borage, hemp, sesame, red palm, coconut) which should not be heated except coconut & red palm, sea vegetables and algaes (dulse, nori, wakame, spirulina, chlorella), raw nuts and seeds and buckwheat. Try adding a new item to your cart each week to slowly change your diet. And don’t forget to drink a lot of pure water; your body and hair will thank you. Your hair will love our Fountain of Youth formula!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to cut out all the fun stuff. Just eat it in lower quantities if you absolutely can’t cut it out. Here’s the stuff to watch out for: dairy products from cow’s milk, caffeine, soft drinks, refined sugars, refined flours, processed foods, fast food, hydrogenated fats, low quality chocolate, and salty foods. The boost we get from foods like this is often emotional or mental. What your body really craves is the good, pure food.

I know this is obvious but smoking is a huge no no. C’mon! Also time to cut down on the alcohol…try Kombucha.

Stay tuned I have been crafting some pretty yummy recipes for healthy hair!

Nicole <3

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