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Long Luscious Lock Can Be Yoursfoti root benefits

I love discovering natural ways to accelerate my hair growth, the longer the better! Luscious long hair makes me feel sexy. I’ve got a secret to move your hair from good to great. Even if you love your hair shorn short, I have still have a secret for you. It’s called Foti and it can give you faster hair growth AND better texture.

Never heard of it? I’m not surprised. It’s one of those exotic secrets you really have to dig for. Foti is a plant that grows in areas of Asia, in places like China, Japan, and Taiwan. It’s also known as the ultimate longevity aid and supplements are made from the roots of the He Shou Wu plant.

You may have heard of it under the name of He Shou Wu, translated from Chinese as “black-hair Mr. He”. Legend has it that Mr. He was once tired and grey-haired until he experimented with the root of the fo-ti plant. Not only did he manage to restore his hair back to brilliant black, it also had more body and a youthful sheen.  Mr. He had a new energy and vitality.

So, Foti can help to prevent or even reverse grey hair AND it can stimulate hair growth, nice benefits. You can see why I love it! Now be prepared to be impressed because it can do even more. Using Fo-ti leaves you with softer, thicker hair that just begs to be touched. How sexy is that?

It’s also a Chinese remedy for premature aging as it is believed to nourish and aid the liver and kidney. It’s also been used to boost hormonal balance to help with night sweats, boost the libido in men AND women, to increase energy, and to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Now for the not so great part that may or may not apply to you. The side effects can be loose stools or skin rashes. In really rare cases, it can cause numbness in arms or legs.

I’ve been taking He Shou Wu  on and off since I was 15. Every time, I noticed my hair grows twice as fast, I have more energy, umm, yes my libido is increased, just saying… Overall, I just feel happier (but that is subjective) and that’s not just because of the bonus libido side effect.

Here are the Foti benefits again:

• Faster hair growth

• Thicker, softer hair

• Preventing or reversing grey hair

• Helps the liver and kidney

• Boosts hormonal balance (and helps with related night sweats)

• Boosts the libido for men and women

• Increases energy

• Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you! You can find this great root in our Lustrous Tea and Bloom for Hair, Skin and Nails supplements.


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