Figs The Beauty Fruit of the Goddesses

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Figs A True Beauty  Food

Meet, Horai, my new Black Mission fig tree! Do you know that there are over 600 hundred types of figs? The most common are Black Mission and Calimyrna.

Figs are rich in minerals and have the highest concentration of calcium of any food. Delicious and nutritious—how is that for a great beauty snack? Figs also help keep your digestive track moving. Yes, that means what you think it does—they’re a great laxative! The tiny seeds you find in fresh or dried figs contain even more little seeds; these seeds help get rid of and dissolve the waste and mucous in your intestines.

Figs are highly alkaline which means you can eat them alone or mix them with other foods without problems. When you are buying fresh figs, they should be soft to the touch, have a fruity aroma, and have no moldy spots on the bottom. Stay away from green, unripe figs that can burn your mouth and lips. Just rinse and snack away since there’s no need to peel these beauty treats.

Dried figs have a much higher sugar content than fresh ones. I would recommend eating them alone or maybe chopped and added to some greens in a salad to add a touch of sweetness. Calimyrna figs are the most nutritious out of almost all dried fruit!

Fun fig facts:

* Figs are a  not only packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and pigment anti-oxidants but low in calories – all essential to keep you beautiful!

*  If you’re searching for a snack that packs loads of energy before you workout, dried figs may be what you’ve been looking for—100 g of dried figs provide 249 calories! That’ll get you around the block a few times.

* Fresh figs, like Black Mission are filled with age fighting anti-oxidants, b-complex vitamins, vitamins A, E and K.  These scavengers neutralize free radicals in your body and can help protect you from more serious diseases and infections.  Plus, A, E, and K vitamins are known to help fight the signs of aging, so eating figs can help keep your skin radiant and younger-looking.

*  Fresh figs can help your blood sugar from spiking because they contain chlorogenic acid which helps control blood glucose levels.

* Figs, especially dried are good sources of zinc, copper,iron, potassium, manganese, selenium and calcium.  Mineral are very important and do a lot for your body  from helping in the production of red blood cells (copper) to cellular oxidation (iron).

So grab a fig and take a nibble. It’s one of those feel-good foods that will help your body feel its best. Plus, they’re tasty! Try one and see.

Fig Nutritional FactsI can’t wait until these babies ripen!!


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  1. Great site! so suitable for ladies who take pleasure in looking after themselves. Even in the bible it speaks about eating figs, so you cant go wrong.

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