Dry Skin Remedies

dry skin remediesDry Skin Got You All Shriveled Up?

Summertime skin is sun-kissed, touchable, sexy.  Wintertime skin?  Dried up, itchy, tight – decidedly un-sexy.  The cold, dry air of winter certainly isn’t the only culprit of dry skin, but it’s certainly a lengthy one.  Traveling, sun, wind, and even not drinking enough water can sap your skin of its glow and vitality.

You want your skin to look dewy and moisturized .  Added bonus is that keeping your skin soft and smooth minimizes the development of wrinkles.  So you get beautiful skin today, tomorrow, and well into your future.  Clothes and makeup and jewelry are pretty wrappings but they can only cover so much, but your skin is the foundation for letting your inner beauty shine out.

So we know that our skin needs care to reflect more of us and less of our age, so you need a skin care regimen that works for you and your life.  What’s the first step in your regimen?  Water.  Lots of water.  Not on your skin, but inside of you.  Aim for at least 64 ounces of water a day (which you should be doing anyway since it’s super-healthy for you in lots of ways).  Your skin can actually have a soft, radiant glow to it when you keep your body hydrated, letting you roll out of bed (or roll over in the bed to your cuddly guy) feeling beautiful even without your makeup.

But water is just the first step, especially if you’ve suffered from dry skin for a long time.  Anti-aging creams, cleansing milk, toner without alcohol, and a weekly nourishing mask, try Suki’s Intensive Nourishing Masque with vitamin C and active collagen you’ll love it.  Keeping up with this skincare routine will protect your skin and keep you fresh-faced and soft to the touch.  You may think extra exfoliation is a must to get rid of those dry flakes but keep that to only once or twice a week that way you will not rub your skin raw. A daily moisturizing face cream with Vitamin E, Shea butter and rosehip oil, applied just before your foundation, will help keep your skin ready to shine.

There is no reason not to have healthy, glowing, supple skin.  Plus, in addition to helping prevent wrinkles and other marks of age, you’ll keep your entire body soft, smooth, and super sexy.  Your skin will whisper “you know you want to touch me” without you having to say a word.

Your best dry skin remedies are water, a solid skincare regime and  essential fatty acids!


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