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Boost EnergyYou know, vitality.  Vigor, strength, energy, pep in your step, liveliness…  Are you in an energy slump? Lack of vigor can make us look drab and even feel sad sometimes, we all have our moments.  Poor diet, stress, worry and tension sap away the vital force of life and beauty.   Have you ever gazed with envy at that one person who is always the center of attention, who always seems on, radiates happiness and wished it was you?

Beauty is a true combination of a life force that combines physical and emotional well-being.  These vitality boosters are going to help you make use of your own vitality, create a life force you have always desired  because you are amazing and beautiful! Some of us just have a harder time bringing it out or outside circumstances can rob us of our vitality!  Do not use these as a crutch but as booster to couple with a great attitude, diet and passion for life.  Do things that make you happy and try to zap as much as the negative energy in your life that you can (including people that just bring you down)!

Evening Primrose Oil

A rich source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) that is a fatty acid.  It also converts in your body into something called prostaglandin.  Prostaglandin is one of natures most powerful ant-inflammatories and improves blood flow, even through the smallest  capillaries helping lower the risk of blood clots and thrombosis.   Evening primrose oil is best researched source of GLA but you will also find GLA in black currant oil and borage oil!  Here are some of the benefits of this oil:

  • Moisturizes your skin
  • Helps alleviate acne, eczema, arthritis and tendonitis
  • Relief of PMS (huge vitality stealer!!)

You can enhance the benefits of evening primerose oil by combining it with vitamin b6, zinc, magnesium and vitamin C.


Before I get into this vitality booster please be aware it does contain small amount of caffeine  and should be avoided during pregnancy and breast-feeding.  If you have high blood pressure or are sensitive to caffeine skip this!  Also avoid taking it late in the day.

This is a known medicinal plant of the Brazilian rain forest.   It has been used for thousands of years as a tonic, stimulant and vitality booster.  You will find this as a tea, in capsules and as a liquid extract at Whole Foods and most health food stores.  Here are the benefits of Guarana:

  • Increases energy
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves mood and performance
  • Aids Chronic fatigue syndrome

You may think this is all due to the caffeine  not true.  The amount of caffeine in a daily dose of guarana is 35 mg, far less than a cola drink, less than half a cup of tea, and only about 15 percent of the amount found in a cup of real coffee.  Guarana is highly effective because it is absorbed extremely slowly into the body as it is rich in natural fats.  It is not an instant high, not is it addictive and it does not have the same side effects of caffeine.  It is pairs great with Acai, here is a reminder of the health benefits of acai.  You can brew the tea as a smoothie base with frozen or freeze-dried acai.


Is a plant that is native to China, it can grow to over 6 metres in length with fragrant pink flowers and berries.  It has been used for centuries as a tonic in Chinese medicine.  It has been named the “five flavour plant” as the berries have a very complex taste of sweet, sour and salty.  You can easily find the tincture and if you look a little harder the dried berries.  What are the benefits:

  • Relief of stress
  • Improving your outlook and mood
  • Aphrodisiac effects
  • Anti-aging (these berries contain essential oils, lignans, phytosterols and natural acids)
  • Hormonal balance
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