Body Salt Scrub Recipe

Salt Scrub Recipe

Sometimes we pay so much attention to taking care of our face we neglect our body!  One of the quickest ways to have silky soft, healthy skin from the neck down is to use a natural scrub.   Why scrub, you ask?  You want to remove all the dead, dry  surface skin cells.   Body scrubbing makes it easier for your body moisturizing creams and lotions to do their job!

Salt Scrub Recipe

2 cups coarse sea salt

1 cup hemp, grapeseed, coconut, olive or almond oil

12-16 drops of essential oil (orange, rose, jasmine or chamomile)  scent to your liking citrus is more invigorating where chamomile is more calming

Pour the salt into an airtight jar with a hinged, sealable lid.  Add the essential oils to the cup of base oil, drop by drop, and combine.  Then pour into the jar and top up the mix with base oil.  Seal the lid and shake well.

It is really that easy.  No point in paying $12+ a jar in a store.  If I run out, all I do is, is take a handful of salt, pour some oil over it, rub together and scrub!   It works!!


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