Body Energy Club Review

Body Energy Club Review


How can I describe the Body Energy Club? Well, yes, it is a health food store with a huge selection and awesome prices, so right away that is a plus for me. But it’s more than that. Body Energy Club is right below the gym I used to workout at everyday and, although I changed gym locations, I still stop by regularly. It’s definitely worth the trip.  Not in Vancouver, no problem they have a great online store with the best service.

I remember how excited I was when I saw the signs about a vitamin shop coming soon in that empty space. I’m pretty sure that I was one of their first 50 customers! This may surprise you (not!) but I’ve always been a bit of a health fanatic in one way or another. At that time I was really into protein powders, body for life, and glutamine.

When I first met both owners Dominick and Phil, I felt an instant connection with them. This is going to sound super cheesy but they are the type of guys you meet and instantly like. They are extremely smart and sincere but also very knowledgeable and never pushy!

Phil has the most amazing aura out of almost anyone I have ever met.  He radiates positive, healthy energy.  Nobody shares my passion for herbs like Phil does. I could chat with him for hours. Years ago, he had extreme pneumonia and I ran into him as he left the health clinic on his way to the hospital Emergency room. Although he was gasping for air, he still stopped to say hi and give me a hug.  He’s that type of guy.

Dominick is kind, funny, and fun to talk to. He’s very smart and always willing to share his knowledge. He has gone through quite an amazing transformation in the last few years, he always looked great but now has really disciplined himself and leaned WAY down!   These guys practice what they preach.

Later on I met Rick, also a great guy. He’s always happy and willing to help in any way he can. I worked with Rick to put up the Body Energy Club’s first online newsletter which turned into their website for a while (way back…). I even let him call me Nicky…a privilege not many have without a sharp glare!

All the staff there is amazing and truly helpful.

Body Energy Club is more that just a store, it has heart and it is a big part of the community. It’s hard to explain. Although their prices are probably the best in town, even if they raised them (umm please don’t) we’d all keep going back. Body Energy Club is the kind of small, neighborhood store that reminds us how vital it is to support independent shops and the truly inspired and brave people who run them.

So if you happen to pass by, stop on in and say hi (they have two locations now -Davie Street & City Square) or check out their online store.

<3 Nicole

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