Best Diet for Acne Free Skin

diet for acne free skin

“Mirror-Mirror”: A Snow White complexion isn’t just fantasy

Best Foods For Clear Skin , Hair & Nails

Only twenty six years old, Sandra Park (better known as Dara) is a popular singer, dancer, actress, television host and model. She’s best recognized as one of the members of 2NE1, a Korean girl group. In a recent poll that surveyed 541 people, she was chosen as the one having the best, most beautiful skin without a pimple among other celebrities.

People today are more interested in the having the skin like those of celebrities, not just their hi- fashioned wardrobes. Cultures, world –wide, have always placed importance on beautiful skin and appearance. I have to admit, even Snow White would be jealous of Sandra Park’s smooth, silky glow.

But do the fairest of them all have to live in Hollywood or act on the silver screen? Nope.

Fear not, young maidens. A clear, beautiful complexion is within reach; just be sure to bite into the right apple.

What makes a beautiful skin diet?

Have you heard the saying; “A healthy diet means healthy skin.”? It’s true but according to nutritional studies, only 15% of Americans eat the recommended three to five servings of vegetables each day, which promotes a bright, healthy glow and a clear complexion.  That means most of us aren’t getting complete nutrition to promote healthy skin and prevent acne.

Let’s face it; it’s hard to consume a daily diet that consists of all the natural or organic foods that promote clear, healthy skin and yet, it’s important and necessary to try. It’s important to select the right foods.

Foods known to have large amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrition promote clear, beautiful skin. They may include:

  • Foods rich in healthy fats, like Omega-3 and Omega-6 are essential because the body doesn’t produce it. Some foods high in healthy fats include chia seeds, hemp oil/seeds, sacha inchi seeds or oil, acai, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, flax and olive oil.
  • Fruit and vegetables, garlic and onions create bright, healthy skin. Carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, strawberries and melons, beets, cabbage and broccoli are all excellent sources.
  • Fiber, in the form of quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and lentils help eliminate toxins from your body. That’s important to know because the accumulation of toxins is one of the main causes of acne and other skin problems.
  • Drinking at least 8 glasses of water helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin, as well as flushing out toxins.
  • Eliminate foods containing chemical additives (canned, preserved or processed foods) and cut down on fried foods and processed fats.
  • Dark organic chocolate contains antioxidants which are great for the skin
  • Dietary Supplements that contain vitamins and minerals known to prevent the outbreak of pimples. Vitamin A repairs skin tissue and prevents dry, flaky skin. A high-quality liquid wholefood based A vitamin is a good source and helps to prevent acne.
  • Vitamin B Complex contains Biotin found in eggs, brown rice, oats and bananas and they help skin cells, the hair and nails to grow healthy.
  • Niacin (another B vitamin) works to destroy bad skin by providing moisture.
  • Vitamin C and E are also great for the skin. Vitamin E reduces wrinkles and improves skin’s texture and vitamin C reduces the damage caused by free radicals (harmful to skin and found in pollution, smoking, excessive sun exposure).
  • Zinc is a trace mineral that controls the oil glands. A lack of Zinc leads to acne and it is known to help fight acne and stop acne scarring from occurring.

Making proper choices for your daily diet is important and so is the way you prepare your food. Instead of frying, try boiling, steaming, baking, lightly grilling or not cooking  your food at all (depending on what it is… to help reduce the appearance of acne.  With that said, proper vitamin levels and eating a healthy diet will keep your skin looking clear and beautiful, just like the girl on the Cosmo cover. Move over Snow White.

Even if you don’t have acne this is the best diet for beautiful clear skin!


3 thoughts on “Best Diet for Acne Free Skin

  1. What a fantastic article! Certainly food for thought (if you’ll excuse the pun). It’s amazing that as I read this, I realized it’s been a few days since I last ate vegetables in any form, quite a scary thought considering there is a high rate of diabetes and heart disease in my family. I came here looking to improve my skin but I suppose it’s time to improve my overall health. Thankyou so much, after reading this article I have decided to improve my health! :)

    1. Thanks Cameron! Glad you are getting your veggie on I bet your skin is glowing now :)

      All the best,

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