Benefits of Resveratrol

Benefits of Resveratrol

How Resveratrol Will Keep You Looking and Feeling Younger

Have you heard about the “French Paradox?” It’s a pretty well-known fact that the French don’t eat the healthiest diets. In particular, their foods contain a lot of saturated fat. Yet the French tend to have less heart disease than Americans. What gives?

You may have heard that some people credit this to red wine. The French are quite fond of it after all. Many people, including a bunch of smart people with PHDs, believe that red wine counterbalances the consumption of these saturated fats enough to give the French a lower incidence of heart disease.

Now I can understand how this might make you a little skeptical. How can red wine possibly be good for you? I mean, it’s alcohol! We’ve been told since we were little kids how bad alcohol is for your health!

Here’s the thing though:  red wine contains resveratrol. Studies have shown that resveratrol has some pretty cool benefits. Well, cool benefits if you are interested in looking and feeling younger… oh, and living younger as well!

Now let’s be clear, no study has found that getting drunk on red wine every night is a good way to look and feel younger. That said, multiple studies have concluded that drinking one or two cups of red wine every day can reduce the risk of heart disease, some cancers, and even add to your lifespan.

Not bad huh?

Now, drinking red wine is not the only way to reap these benefits, there is a better way alcohol free. Even on days when you are feeling a little less like having a drink, you can still get your fill of resveratrol. One option is to eat grapes (it is found in the skins). This is where the resveratrol in red wine comes from. An even better option is to supplement.

Most resveratrol supplements are derived from Japanese knotweed. If you have no idea what a Japanese knotweed is, you are definitely not alone. If you are interested, Japanese knotweed looks a lot like bamboo and some farmer find it to be really annoying.

More important is their high concentrations of quality resveratrol. The typical resveratrol supplement derived from Japanese knotweed contains the equivalent of 200 glasses of red wine worth of resveratrol. You would die trying to get that much resveratrol the natural way!

So we’ve already established that resveratrol is good for your health, but what about your appearance? Does resveratrol have any awesome anti-aging properties? You bet it does!

When you age, your skins loses moisture, dries out and starts looking dull and wrinkly. Resveratrol reduces this effect. After supplementing with resveratrol for a while, you can expect your face to have a more youthful appearance.

In addition, resveratrol slows down the aging process in general, which means that your joints won’t stiffen up as much and your skin will have a more youthful texture.

Obviously resveratrol supplements cannot completely stop you from aging- it is not an immortality pill. That that, resveratrol certainly can help you look and feel like a younger, more attractive version of yourself. On top of that, you will be a lot healthier, and may even live longer! You can’t find a much better supplement than that!

Ahhh the benefits of Revesratrol!


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