Radishes for Beauty

Beauty Benefits of Radishes

Benefits of Radishes

I grow these gorgeous little gems of nutrition, myself.  I am like a little kid in a candy store every time I look at the garden, I share with a friend and I see anything growing!  I get so excited!  Although right now we have an aphid problem on our broccoli , please let me know if you have any natural remedies to get rid of these pests.

Let get back to why you should add radishes to your beauty routine:

  • High In vitamin C
  • Highest concentration of sulfur and silica in a common vegetable, essential to radiant skin and lustrous hair
  • Radish leaves are very high in vitamin A
  • Radishes vitalize the live, stimulate bile flow, detox your body and prevent gallstones
  • Radishes help with digestion and break down mucous associated with starchy carbs
  • They invigorates the circulatory system, hello glowing skin
  • Helps you maintain your ideal weight by balancing your thyroid hormones
  • Contain a good amount of folic acid (vitamin B9)
  • Bloat busters that help with water retention
Now, how do you eat them?  Just eat them, add them to salads, juice them and just enjoy them.  They might be slightly spicy but if you add them to a salad with avocado this will cut down on the heat.
Off to eat some radishes from the garden :)
Nicole <3


2 thoughts on “Radishes for Beauty

  1. radish is the fastest growing crop as it can be reaped right after 25 days..
    its seeds are used to get oil which is harmful for human use, but its really useful as a bio-fuel..
    in hot weather, you get hot radishes.. and similarly in winters you get cool radishes..
    one radish equals to one calorie.. so you can eat it without any fear of increasing your weight..
    radishes, onions and garlic were paid as ‘wages’ to the workers who built the Pyramids

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