Benefits Of Papaya

benefits of papaya

Papaya Packs a Beauty Punch

The papaya is from the lowlands above the geographical limestone shelves of eastern central America, where you can still find it growing in the wild.  Papaya trees resemble palm trees and grow up to 30 feet tall!   The fruit grows atop the shaft under the leaves like a melon, the papayas range in size from 1 – 20 pounds.  They are different varieties of papaya, they range if size and color from yellow to orange, even red.  Papayas from Hawaii are smaller and taste a bit like strawberries.  Mexican papayas are much larger and have a higher enzyme count but still have a tasty sweet flavor.  In the center of papayas are the very edible seeds but beware they are very spicy, like peppercorns.  You can scoop them out, clean them and grind them up for other uses or use them whole for extra crunch in salads.

Now why does papaya benefit your skin and beauty?  This amazing fruit contains a large quantity of alkaline minerals (mainly calcium), vitamin A and high doses  of collagen-producing vitamin C.

The more unripe a papaya is the higher concentration of papain they contain, a protease enzyme.  Protease is a protein-splitting enzyme similar to the stomach enzyme pepsin.  Papain is known for its anti-cancer and and skin cleansing benefits.  You can find most of this enzyme in the fresh milky juice of the unripe fruit but very little of this enzyme is found in the fully ripe fruit.

Papayas naturally cleanse and soothe your digestive tract. Papayas strongly enhance skin beauty, strong nails, and lustrous hair.  Due to the cleansing nature this fruit will give you bright eyes, a true key to being beautiful.   Half-ripe papayas when eaten or applied to your skin because of the high enzyme count will dissolve dead skin cells while the alkaline minerals support the creation of collagen to support and nourish the creation of glowing, healthy skin.  This fruits will combat and help repair existing skin damage and fight against wrinkles.

Eating a papaya is simple, cut it length wise and scoop out the seeds with a spoon, save or discard.  Spoon out the juicy flesh and voila!  Choose fruits that are heavy for their size without being overly soft or with hard and soft spots.  The harder and greener they are the more unripe the fruit is.

Papaya Facial

Super simple, cut the fruit, scoop out the seeds and rub the flesh on your face.  Keep in the mind the more unripe the papaya is the stronger the enzymes are, so depending on how sensitive your skin be careful.  You may want to skip putting the flesh around delicate areas like around the lips and eyes as it can burn those areas.  You want to leave the fruit on for 5 – 10 minutes.  Once you rinse it off you will notice right away a radiant, refreshed skin tone.

Now that I am reminded of the healthy benefits of papayas I am off to the store to get one!




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