Argan Oil For Your Hair & Skin

Argan Oil BenefitsArgan Oil Benefits

Promises, promises, promises! It seems that everywhere I look, I see the latest beauty products and manufactured fads promising better hair and more beautiful skin through some revolutionary new process. I can’t help but wonder why so many people are missing out on the actual organic benefits found in a natural product that has been around for centuries.

Argan Oil, harvested from the nuts of Argan trees, primarily in Morocco, is one of the most successful hair skin,  and body treatments I’ve found, both through research and through personal experience. In fact, it’s considered by many beauty aficionados to be a veritable miracle product, working wonders on your body. With its many uses, it can make a drastic difference in the health and appearance of your skin and hair, from the inside out.

Using Argan Oil for your skin is extremely effective because of its vitamin E, fatty acids, anti-oxidants, and squalene content. Together, these nutrients can help improve skin’s elasticity, reduce sun-damage, and increase moisture. Since Argan Oil is absorbed quickly and easily, even a few drops, applied once or twice a day, can make a noticeable, lasting difference. Used specifically as a facial moisturizer, it can rejuvenate your complexion and give you younger, healthier looking skin. It works to soften your skin, reduce blemishes, and even minimize the appearance of wrinkles! And it works on chapped lips, too; even the driest lisps can become supple and completely kissable again!

Argon Oil can also be used all over the body, to moisturize, smooth, firm, and strengthen skin, as well as protect it against the environmental elements. Regular use not only prevents skin dehydration, but also helps reduce the extreme dryness associated with conditions like eczema. Just like its use on the face, it only takes a small amount to make an impact. The best way to use it is to massage it all over, immediately after showering.

Argan Oil is equally amazing for your hair. Split ends,brittle hair, dry scalp, and even dandruff are no match for the restorative power in this natural product. Again, the nutrients (like vitamin E and fatty acids) work to repair your hair, add moisture, and increase strength and elasticity. The key to using Argan Oil for your hair is to be consistent. Some people will apply a small amount of oil to their hair after washing it, whereas others will apply it, wrap their hair in a towel for about half an hour – or even leave it over night – and then shampoo it out. Either way, the benefits are the same: healthier, stronger, smoother hair.

There’s a reason it has been used for so long all over the world. For truly healthy skin and hair, it’s one of the products I trust because I love the benefits of Argan Oil.  If you can find it pure, it sure makes a great salad dressing.



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