Acai Health Benefits

Acai Health Benefits


What is Acai Berry and why it it good for glowing skin & shiny, thick hair?

The acai berry is known as a “super food.”  It has been widely speculated that this tiny berry has spectacular benefits for your hair and skin. By promoting anti-aging, you will continue to look healthy and vibrant.

The berry comes to us from the Acai palm tree that is found in the tropical floodplains of South and Central America.  Its form is 90% seed and 10% pulp so it must be juiced to be ingested into the body.  The juice is dark in color and taste sweet and enjoyable.  The taste has been characterized as a combination of chocolate and red wine.

Did you know that the Acai berry is a “superfood” that has ten times the antioxidants in grapes and twice the antioxidants in bluberries and pomegranate. You can bet that these antioxidants, slow the aging process from the inside out.  I have used acai for many years now from making smoothies & chocolate to taking Acai capsules and I love the results!

Acai Health Benefits

Acai Health Benefit #1 – Extremely high levels of antioxidants to keep you looking young & healthy

Acai Health Benefit #2 – Helps to improve your metabolism, need I say more…

Acai Health Benefit #3 – High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are essential for glowing skin & shiny, thick hair.  These fats keep your cholesterol down and fight heart disease

Acai Benefit Health #4 – Boosts your immune system.

Acai Health Benefit #5 – Great source of dietary fiber, plus Acai has vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamins C, amino acids, calcium, protein and B6.

You will not find this berry in the fruit section of  your grocery store, acai  is not able to make the trip to the U.S. from the tropics without spoiling, so the best way to buy it is in powder or freeze dried form.

Stay away from pre-bottled acai juice because you only get a very small percentage of the berry but a lot of sugar water.  Look for the powder (mixes well into smoothies or yogurt) or capsules to get the most benefit for your health, hair & skin!  Go to Whole foods (I LOVE Whole Foods) they have a great selection, Navitas is a good brand to look for.

We have only begun to scratch the surface on the benefits of the acai berry. But one thing is for sure, it will slow the aging process thus benefiting your hair and skin.

Now that you know all the benefits of acai berry, are you wondering how to pronounce it?  Ah-sigh-ee Berry, of course.



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  1. It’s a rich method of obtaining necessary protein and fiber; in addition to high amounts of simultaneously omegas three, six and nine fatty acids that perform an important role play a vital role in cutting down blood cholesterol in the blood. As a result it provides a beneficial results in defence of your coronary heart and cardiovascular system. The key benefits of the acai berries really don’t finish now.

    1. Thanks Tova for the additional Acai benefits. Yes it is amazing how many there are!

      Nicole <3

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