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About Us

BeautyBlenz Only Uses Real Foods, Herbs, Roots and Plants to Help You Glow From the Inside, Out!

BeautyBlenz was developed to help you enhance your natural beauty in a completely natural way. We do not believe in supplements made from chemicals or synthetics. In fact, we feel so strongly about this that we don’t like to call ourselves a supplement company. You deserve only the very best.  Our philosophy, based on Wholistic Nutritional Synergy, helps you to achieve that vibrant beauty you want, both inside and out. This is why we changed the spelling of “holistic.” Our “wholistic” approach is a reflection of our completely natural products, all based on whole foods, super foods, roots, herbs and plants.

All products stamped with the BeautyBlenz brand have been thoroughly researched and carefully sourced to ensure the best quality; they are pesticide-free and/or organic, non-gmo and mostly raw. Consuming our products is as natural as eating an orange, as they are based on WHOLE foods, herbs and roots. There are no chemicals, standardized extracts or compounds constructed in a lab in an attempt to mimic the vitamins we receive naturally from real foods. This difference drastically increases the benefits to both your body and your beauty.

With BeautyBlenz, you get one-of-a-kind formulas that are potent and concentrated. Packed full of beauty-boosting ingredients, our formulas are manufactured in small batches with love, all to maintain the quality and freshness you deserve.


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