Learn How You Can Use Real Foods, Natural Supplements, and Organic Skincare Products to Glow From the Inside Out!

The creator of the Skin Candy Vitamins website, Nicole, is an absolute health and beauty fanatic and a holistic nutritionist. She acquired this obsession at an early age with the help of her mom, a Trinidadian, who was always into health foods, herbs, luscious fruits, coconut oil, and whole food supplements. Born to be natural!

Nicole picked up her first eye cream when she was in grade seven. It was the same day that another girl at school told her that the skin under her eyes looked like snakeskin. Out with the so-called friend and in with the jar of eye cream! Although it was nowhere near organic or natural, the cosmetic and skincare industry has come a long way from then (although it wasn’t THAT long ago). Since then, Nicole has done a lot of testing to find out which products are good.

Some people are naturally born with flawless skin, the rest have to work at it. Nicole has gone through a heck of a lot with her skin, from cystic acne to out of control pores and hyper pigmentation. All her advice is tried and true to help you achieve your best skin.  She has taken many courses on herbs and read countless books to figure which ones are best for you skin and hair.  After all, we can’t control the skin we’re born into but we can improve it to the best of our ability—or to the ability of the products we buy.

Healthy, natural beauty is Nicole’s passion! She spends a lot of time and money testing out different products so you don’t have to! When not trying different herbs and supplements, she’s testing different foods to see what works and what is a complete and total waste of time. And, of course, she’s also hard at work on her website, sharing all that information with you. Nicole offers honest opinions about natural products—save your time and money by letting someone else try it first.

Nicole wants to age as gracefully (and slowly) as possible! When people guess her age, they’re normally around 10 years too young, which makes her smile every time. She truly believes beauty can be chemical-free, you just need just a grocery cart. The Internet levels the beauty playing field, letting everyone find the best products for their own skin challenges.  She also believes in staying active ,she goes to the gym regularly, takes dance classes, boxes and does hot yoga.

Skin Candy Vitamins will show you how to have beautiful, youthful, glowing skin; fuller, lustrous hair; and strong nails. Learn the right foods to eat, supplements to take, and beauty products to use and soon you’ll be as beautiful inside and out!

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